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hi ladies

i love jenny packham wedding dresses but a bit out of my price range, has anybody had a dress made for them in the style of jenny packham? if so i'd be grateful for info on a seamstress and if possible an approx of what you spent. i'm only 5' and a size 8 so finding it quite hard to find a dress to suit a smaller frame

thanks in advance


  • Maggie Sottero has a beautiful dress called Ireland which is definitely in the style of Jenny Packham. Google it it is beautiful and half the price of most Jenny Packham dreses at approx £800. I actually tried it on thinking it was a Jenny Packham dress. It was a very close second to the beautiful Pronovias dress I eventually chose.

    I am just under 5' 2" and size 8. All the Jenny Packham dresses were stunning and def suit petite brides.

    Good kuck with your hunt!

    Sarah x
  • Hi,

    I just fell in love with Jenny Packham dresses. They are just so beautiful and I think perfect for the smaller of us brides. I got married a few weeks ago and chose Jenny Packham Aurora. Truly was my dream dress. I wore it for a few hours and really don't want it sitting in the cupboard. Nothing would make me happier then if someone loved it as much when they wore it. The dress looks brand new. Email me if you are interested and I'll send you more info or pics.
  • ceebzzceebzz Posts: 250
    Hi, I'm a size 6 and went for JP Alice- all the other dresses I tried on swamped me with masses of material and did nothing for me!

    I'm so happy with my choice, originally didn't want to spend that much but what can you do when you find your dream dress lol?

    I would def recommend Jp for tiny brides ;-P
  • Has any petite bride went for JP Papillon? Love this dress but not sure if it can be altered to suit 5'2 as I believe the beaded panels will be hard and expensive to shorten? Any advice would be much appreicated!!

    I'm still trying to decide between Papillon or Manuel Mota corcel.
  • I had a Jenny Packham - think it's called Desire.

    I'm 5'3 and was a size 6-8 when I got married. I love my dress!

  • Hi,

    I'm 5ft, size 6 and I've ordered Jenny Packham 'Keira' wedding dress. It was the most expensive dress from the range I tried on, but it looks so stunning on. I had read someone on this site saying JP dresses looked terrible on her (she was 5ft also), but that couldn't be further from the truth! Alot of her gowns would suit petite girls
  • You cannot know how much better I feel after reading this forum! I have a JP dress - Petra and then I read somewhere that her dresses were just for really tall slim people (I am slim but at 5 foot 2 hardly tall)! I originally was going to go for Ian Stuart Sancerre which is a beautiful dress and it looked amazing but I was really uncomfortable and did not feel like me (also I have an annoying habit where when I wear strapless dresses I spend half the time pulling it up). Was having dress wobbles but feeling better now - thanks!
  • I adore JP dresses!

    I have to say that I think they look stunning on women with real curves. I fell in love with look and feel of the dresses - floaty, feminine and gorgeous - especially Selene. I'm a mere 5ft and a very curvy size 10 and it was the first dress to make me feel like a bride! The other structured "traditional" gowns made me feel so claustrophobic and drowned me. Unfortunately I can't afford JP so I'm having a dress made for me that has been designed with JP dresses as inspiration! Mine will be a pale coffee/dark ivory/mink colour and I have a stunning pair of royal blue heels (the bridesmaids are in royal blue too). I can't wait until the dress is finished!!
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