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Where do I get supportive strapless undies for 34B???

OK, I'm not technically petite but I'm thinking this is the best forum to find smaller breasted women on (although having just seem the 32F thread perhaps I'm wrong!)

Basically I want something that is supportive and gives me a bit of shape. All the strapless bras I have even tried on to date and bloody useless and tend to just sit there and don't give me any "unlift" at all.

Does anyone have any recomendations? I don't really want to gr bra less because that will make me look completly flat chested and I'm not up for a corset or basque because I don't particulary find them comfortable.



  • Hi ya!

    I'm currently on the hunt for some wedding underwear too!!! I'm a 32C and find all the strapless bras I see are all boring or look rubbish. The best place I have seen strapless bras are Gossards website. But it depends on how much you want to spend. I've already got strapless gossards, and they tend to e the best for me. Good luck in your hunt! x x
  • hi you could try the ultimo black label bridal satin range this was recommended by a friend who is 34b as she wore one on her big day, they have a few strapless pieces which have removable gel pouches. They give you an amazing shape and wonderfull uplift debenhams sell the range

    hpoe this helps good luck
  • Hi! I'm a 32C, and I bought my best, favourite strapless bra from La Senza. It was one of the pricier ones they offer, plain black, and I think it has air or gel pockets in, but they're removable. I bought it to wear with a strapless dress, and love it so much I've bought more strapless clothes to wear with it! I'm considering buying the matching white bra because I love the other one so much!
  • Hi girls,

    I had this problem too, and hunted high and low for a decent uplifting padded strapless bra - and have just had one delivered and it is fab and I have really small boobs.

    It is by Splendour, go on their website and it is a strapless bra with lacey bits underneath, there are double cookies in it and also side padded panels to plunge together for a better cleavage. Its the best bra I have seen.

    Hope this helps.image
  • I'm a 34A and I got a fantastic filled bra from Marks and Spencers before my mum's wedding. Did the job and it was very comfortable.
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