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my tall sisters

whenever i have a photo taken with my sisters, it looks silly because i am so much shorter than them (I'm 4'8'' they are 5'8'' / 5'7'') they have cleavages and i'm pigeon chested. I look at our old school photos on my mum's wall and it's so ridiculous, it's making me question whether they should be my bridesmaids. I know i should just laugh at it and make it a joke in the photos, but I am so sensitive about my weight (well lack of weight) i wish i took up more of the world image

Anyone else got an oddly shaped bridal party to make me feel better?


  • I'm 5'2" - my brothers are 6'3" and 6'0". THe tallest one is getting married in May so I can't wait to see me in those photos as his w2b is 6'0", his son is 6'4" and his new stepson is 6'5" and still growing as he's only 15!

    What happened to my tall genes? I suppose if I'd ended up any taller than I am, my h2b wouldn't have ever asked me out as he's not particularly tall himself
  • Talking of photos, I arranged to meet up with a fellow Springsteen fan on a trip to Washington DC a couple of years ago. I'd seen her wedding photo and so was very surprised when I met her and her husband - she's 6'0" and her husband 5'8" at a push. Turns out in the wedding photo I'd seen, he'd been standing on a box!!!
  • haha at him standing on a box!! i've threatened to make my sisters walk around on their knees for the day!
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    Stick them in flat shoes and wear 5in heels image
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