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Help finding a dress

Hi Hope someone may be able to help me!

I'm not exactly petite, i'm 5ft 3 and about a size 10-12, but i'm having a major nightmare! I have a short bodice and longer legs. All the dresses I have tried on except one do not seem to fit properly (i've only been to a couple of shops but already feel a little disheartened). I think the woman in the shop yesterday got slightly annoyed with me! I'm finding to get a dress to sit properly on my waist/hips means that the bust part is practically up to my neck (maybe a slight exageration, but you get the idea!) I have tried on a Phil Collins dress which did fit and it was in a shorter size (not the usual 5ft 8) My question is do you know of any other dresses or styles that may fit or do a petite range?


  • Have you tried Ian Stuart dresses?

    They are the only ones i have found to fit nicely so far. The dress i have chosen is supposed to be like a ballgown but that shape doesnt suit me (5'2") so they are going to taper it in so its figure hugging to about mid-thigh when it will flare out.

    i found the bodices sat nicely on my hips.
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Maggie Sottero do a petite range x
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