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Jenny Packham Alice dress + flat boobs = disaster?

Hi all, Im in such a dilemma! I tried an absolutely gorgeous Jenny Packham Alice dress and fell in love with it. Im slim, size 6 and 5'1" and it instantly made me feel taller and so elegant; I knew I found the 'one'. But I tried it on with my usual bra and in a 32A which I always have to pad up to recreate cleavage I didn't even think twice. Now that Ive ordered it and after reading what most other B2B (who buy the same dress) Ive realised that Im probably going to have to go braless due to the sheer satin chamueuse fabric that this dress is made out of. But if I go braless I lose cleaveage big time and Im not keen on the Keira Knightly look. What do I do? Bra cups sewn into the dress won't give me the desired 'lift' that I need! Has anyone else faced this problem? I was thinking of speaking to the bridal shop to see if they can sew in a lining at the top of the dress so that I don't get visible lines when wearing a bra but not sure how feasible this will such a flap about this :\?


  • sdk107sdk107 Posts: 567
    What about this sort of thing?:

    I am having the same issue as the back of my dress is lacey and also it is quite fitted so a 'normal' strapless bra doesn't look right!
  • Thanks for the suggestion greenbean. Yes I have tried these before but they are so fiddly. I guess we don't get that much sympathy for being so slim/ small! I'm going to have to get my thinking cap on and work this out image
  • Mrs DMrs D Posts: 1,755
    Have you heard about the new completely backless bra?

    I dont think its out in the uk yet but they have gone down a storm in the states ill def be getting one.
  • FMPFMP Posts: 182
    Oooh, I love love JP - think I'm going to go for Anne and know exactly what you mean! When are you due your next fitting? Can you go along with a few bras to get an idea of what might/might not go? Right now you're speculating about what won't work but it's so hard to picture the dress - I do this kinf od thing all the time and find I either assume they'll fit (and they don't) or worry they won't and there's a way round it. Maybe you coulf get away with a really simple plunge bra?
  • Aw thanks Rose2b - some really good suggestions. The Anne dress is so lovely! I took an executive decision and decided to get my boobs done. I've wanted them for ages - specially after having 2 kids. I thought 'why not?'...the big day isn't until next Feb so I can go from a deflated A to a generous C and feel a lot more confident plus reap the long term benefits image ...H2B is very supportive (excuse pun!)...getting them in May! Wish me luck!
  • ali8385ali8385 Posts: 46
    Just founfd this link when looking at the dress and though that you may like to have a read!

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