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Help!! Vintage hair slides

Hi ladies

Can anyone help out with ideas as to where to find some lovely vintage hair slides / clips for under £10?

I really want to give one to each of my 4 bridesmaids as a slightly unusual BM gift, but am on a limited budget and eBay is not helping!

They will need to be silver / pearl / diamante (not gold!) to fit in with my colour scheme.

I've seen one which I love but is too expensive... here's the link:

I've been trawling round charity shops but no luck yet.

Thank you for your help!!

Joanna x


  • Whoops, meant to post this in 'planning'. Never mind though, would still love the help - and am a petite bride myself at 4ft11 (with a 6ft3 h2b!) x
  • Have you looked in Monsoon? They have some silver hair combs with diamonds (obviously not real!) and pearls. They are small and very elegant. £6 each. they have other bits woth a look at as well. I'm taking my mum into our local store tomorrow to get a second opinion from her.

    They are really pretty!

  • Hi Pom Poko

    Thanks that's a great idea, hadn't really considered high street stores because of the vintage style.

    Will have a look in the Jan sales too.

    What did your Mum think?

  • Have you tried Etsy or Misi? xx
  • Well, we went into town and they had sold out but went shopping yesterday to Exeter and bought one there. Showed my mum last night and she thought it was lovely. It is so delicate and sparkly, just what I wanted but at a fraction of the cost! Some of them are so over priced!

    You should go and have a look!

  • MrsHanleyMrsHanley Posts: 654
    I went in last week and saw a really lovely comb for £12! It wasn't in the sale though so I think maybe I missed out on that. You're right that most of them are so expensive!! Glad you found one you were happy with - have you got any photos??

    Flying squirrel - have just checked out etsy and found a really lovely one, thanks for the tip! They won't send it to me as I'm in the UK but have messaged the seller so fingers crossed they'll be flexible!

  • I can't put a piccie on here as I haven't a clue how to do it! Just checked the website and it's not on there but they will be getting more in soon as it is fairly new stock. If I see it on the website I'll post the link for you.

    If your seller from etsy won't post to the uk you should try this company:

    They act as an 'address' for you to get your stuff posted to and then send on to your home address. I haven't tried it yet but someone has mentioned it on here before, that is where I found out about it.

    Good luck

  • MrsHanleyMrsHanley Posts: 654
    Ooh that's brilliant, thank you I'll have a look.

    Bought my bridesmaid dresses today, so exciting!! xx
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