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Maggie Sottero Hampton for Petite 5'1 Bride?


I am absolutely in LOVE with this dress:

Maggie Sottero Hampton

I am a bit worried that it will be too much and make me look shorter? I'm 5'1 and 5'3 with heels. Did any petite woman wear this dress at their wedding? or just tried it on? Was it overly puffy? It is an A-line dress, so I figured it would work for Petite women.

I would like to get an idea of how the dress turns out in pictures. Anybody have pictures of yourself wearing this particular dress?



  • It is a stunning dress!!

    The top half looks perfect, it could be over puffy but I dont think you'll know unless you try it on!

    What you dont want is the puffyness to seperate your torso & legs as this would made you appear shorter.

    There's no 'line' between the top & bottom of the dress, it all flows into one so you may get away with it!

    I too am going for an A-line dress. I did try on one that had a swooping side with netting underlay (if that makes any sense!!) & it did look lovely! (Im 5ft1 & size8).

  • hellmcchellmcc Posts: 405
    Hi, I haven't tried this dress but think you're best trying it somewhere? I'm sure it will be ok but i know some taffeta dresses overwhelmed me when i tried it (I'm 5'2????), I'm having Krystalyn Marie which is an a line with a big ish skirt and pickups and that isn't too much for me but its a satin skirt. I tried a very similar one, Brittanya, and althgouh the dress is almost the same as mine it was a taffeta skirt and it was just too billowy for me, I had the same problem with Victoriana that also swamped me. That said I did nearly buy SaBelle and thats also taffeta and probably a more similar skirt shape to hampton, that was lovely wasn't OTT at all. My dress only just pipped it,

    My best advice is to go and try some dresses and try this one you might be surprosed - People were surprised when i wanted a more princess style dress as i'm short and i tried some Hollywood Dreams, they were too big, but Maggie worked as you can get the princess skirt without being too wide, and my sister, BM etc all agreed the dress suited me much better than the straigter ones (am quite busty). Maggie also do petite sizes.

    Have you checked out the maggie brides section to look at petite brides in their fuller dresses?
  • Thanks so much for all the advise! I truly appreciate your time.

    I tried on the dress...and I love it! it's stunning! it has the WOW factor I was looking for.. My only concern is that it'll look different when someone photographs me in it? It looks gorgeous in person, but it may turn out different in pictures?

    any thoughts? the bridal salon I went to did not allow me to take pictures of the dress on me. *shrug* anybody else run into this problem? maybe i should find another bridal shop....

  • Ive been to 4 shops & none of them have let me take pics!

    I know a lot of ladies have been able to but all the shops I went to said nope because of protecting the designs!

    Did you take people with you to see you in it? What was their reactions?

    If it looks good on, I cant see why it wouldnt look different in pictures.

  • Hi

    I replied on your other thread about this as I'm the same height and have bought this dress......just to say most bridal shops wont let you take pics, infact I only found one that did. Obviously if you order the dress then you can take pics.

    I think if the dress looks good on you then it shouldnt look odd on the photographs either!

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  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    It's a gorgeous gown. If you liked what you saw in the mirror then I'm sure you'll like what you see on the photos! If you think it's the one for you then go for it image x
  • Hi!


    i didn't take anybody to see the dress. I decided to just try it on myself because there was a bridal store up the street from my house that carried Maggie. So it was a spur of the moment thing.

    MrsStorey2B: I can't wait to see the dress on you! YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK SO GORGOUS! This dress is truly stunning. When i tried it on, it took my breath away.

    I DECIDED TO GET THIS DRESS! thanks to all of you for the encouragement. i absolutely love it!
  • Hey dress twin!! Yey for you, so exciting when you get to order your dress image

    Well you have great taste what can i say, lol!! My fitting is on the 20th so I'll try and post some pics or email you after this.

    Have you got long until you get to wear it for your big day??

    Heather xx
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