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For saleCirca Vintage Bride Martha dress, accessories 1950's

Hi, I am a teeny tiny thing! Uk 6 or petite 8, 5ft 2. I am contemplating selling my wedding ensemble, It is 1950's inspired.

If anyone is interested in seeing pictures of the dress you can PM me.

I have rachel simpson hettie shoe size 5, not worn outside, flawless!

Handmade birdcage veil, will send photo's - has vintage broach and beautiful feathers,

Circa vintage Brides martha dress and underskirt

I can send all measurements to your e-mail plus photies of my big day.



  • Hi, would be interested in the hettie shoes!! they are my fav's but can't afford to buy them!! can you send me a pic of them and how much your thinking of selling them for..


    [email protected]
  • Hi thanks for your message, I will have a think. I was going to sell as an ensemble, not sure about splitting them but might forcthe right price. They haven't been worn outside and I had them on for a few hours as the dancing started and I put flats on. What can u afford?
  • Hi waswilliams, I'd love to message you but your email button's not enabled?

    I'm interested in the birdcage veil mainly - the shoes are sadly a size too small.

    Would love a pic of the veil to ajm277 AT cam dot ac dot uk.
  • I would be very interested in dress and veil together, but I would need the measurements as am busty size 8..and size 6 could be pushing it! Please could you send me measurements and some photos? Thank you
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