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petite and flat shoes

Hello, has anyone else bought or considered wearing/worn petite flat wedding shoes ?

I am 5 foot with petite feet.

I have seen some nice although plain petite flat ballerina style pumps more suited to bridesmaid than bride.

I just wondered if anyone else dared to wear flats with a full length gown (yet to find).

Did you get any negative vibes for your choice ?

I like high heels but they don't like me.

Trouble is I've seen a gorgeous pair of 2 inch heels but don't feel confident to wear them (ATM).

Would you buy both pairs ?



  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I'd steer towards the flats if that is what you feel comfortable in. The last thing you want is stressing on your wedding day about your shoe choices.

    If you have really set your heart on the heels, then maybe buy both and start out in the heels and then change to the flats if necessary. Maybe you could buy a pair of everyday 2 inch heels and build up your confidence in the run up to the wedding.

    For me personally, I'm wearing 4 inch heels. H2B is 6ft 3 and I'm 5ft 2(and about three quarters), so I wanted to bump my height up. My cousin is engaged to a man who is 5ft 4 and she's 5ft 8, so will have to wear flats with hers.
  • Orchid21Orchid21 Posts: 8
    ThanX for writing your reply.

    I bought the flat ballet pumps in the end.

    Ordered them last week and they arrived today.

    That's pretty fast considering the free delivery which was actually recorded delivery! image
  • Do you mind my asking where you got the flats from please? I am thinking of changing shoes for the reception, since we're having a Ceilidh it might be a good idea to have flats on standby, I am probably also going to have another dress on standby.
  • Orchid21Orchid21 Posts: 8
    private message sent
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    I'm having flats to change into at the reception. I'm not used to heels, and although they are not too high, I know I'll be more comfortable in flats afterwardsimage
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