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Petite Wedding Dresses - Lusan Mandongus

For any petite ladies struggling to find a wedding dress, I thought I would let you know about Lusan Mandongus dresses which might be a good option.

Lusan Mandongus is a Hong Kong based designer and I purchased my dress from a shop in Farnham. I am 5ft tall, size 6 and they sent my measurements off and the dress arrived this week. It has been custom made (at no extra cost) and fits almost perfectly (just minor alterations at the waist). It was amazing to finally put a dress on which fits!


  • Orchid21Orchid21 Posts: 8
    hi, this sounds like an option I might consider.

    Did they pass on any extra charges eg import tax etc ?
  • nhg2011nhg2011 Posts: 5
    The shop quoted me a price (their standard price) and then investigated what size I would be. They e-mailed the designer, measured me and just submitted my measurements. The price stayed the same. I think the dresses come from the same place whatever size you order so can't see there would be any additional cost.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.
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