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I have my wedding dress by Manuel Mota for Pronovias for sale. It's from Manuel Mota's Collection 2010, a wedding dress in Ivory, strapless neckline, mermaid, floor-length gown.

Im hoping to receive £1000 or the nearest offer, I bought the dress for RRP £1600

I do have a floor length veil that I bought for £250 if interested

In excellent condition, professionally cleaned.

For petite bride - I'm a UK size 8

Length altered for 5'3 plus 11.2cm heels

Silhouette: Mermaid

Neckline: Strapless

Fabric: Lace

Color: Ivory

This is me in my dress on my wedding day:


  • Hello, I'm very interested in this dress. Could you please inform your measurments (bust, weist, hips)? If everything is ok, can we meet up, so I can see the dress? Is it real Pronovias?

    Thank you,

  • Yes of course, whats your email address? I will dig out my measurements off the tailors paperwork.

    Im on a night shift tonight so will send it all tomorrow if thats ok? My email is [email protected]

    It is a true pronovia dress, I bought it from Bridal Boutique in Southport.

    Katie image
  • So so so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I have realised I must have binned the dress tailors invoice with the measurements of the dress on. So i have taken the dress out of its box and measured the dress itself.

    I hope these are right!

    Bust : 30 inches (My actual bra size is 30E)

    Waist: 26inches

    Hips : 32inches

    I hope these are ok for you. As I said I am a UK size 8 so hopefully it will fit you, you will be able to get it taken in if need be. I can even point you to the lady who did mine in the first instant through the Bridal Gallery where I bought the dress from.

    If you need to contact me, please use my hotmail email [email protected]

    Thanks hun

  • Hey!! Just enquiring if you've sold your dress or is it still available?
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