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Tea Length dresses... ok or no?

I'm having a small wedding in a registry. After that, we are going to go out to eat and then to the reception. it's less than 70 people. I'm 5'2 and about 105lbs and I'm just not sure what looks good on me. I did want something simple, casual but also pretty and princessy.

I really like this one and my fiance likes it aswell.

I liked this one alot but the halter made me a little uneasy considering I have no boobs.

This is me:

Any ideas on dresses are welcomed. also, I'm on a budget. I also want to know which one is princessy and will suit my figure the most.


  • LauraH4ukLauraH4uk Posts: 278
    Hi moonfaery,

    Personally I like the second dress more. I think tea length dresses are gorgeous (esp on petite brides!) and if you're worried about the boobs issue you could always get a gel filled bra or inserts sewn in!
  • I agree with Laura H4 - I really like the second one - it is gorgeous! Ultimately you need to go for what you feel best in. Tea length dresses look fab and I think look like they would really suit you because you are petite. Hope this helps. x
  • Both dresses are lovely - I agree that 2nd one maybe has the edge - I think it's the detailing on the waist not so much the halterneck.

    Tea length really suit petite frames - you'll definately look beautiful and princessy whichever you choose! x x
  • tvosetvose Posts: 153
    How about a Hollywood dreams dress, they are very princessy and look great on petite women. Not cheap, I know, but don't rule out fuller dresses.

    Try as many as possible!
  • hi moonfaery!

    i prefer the 2nd one too!

    i saw this and thought it was beautiful

    or this

    it was a bit expensive so i actually asked a dress maker for a quote and it was really reasonable, so maybe thats an option?

    tea length dresses are fantastic because you can show off some amazing shoes!

    (i fell in love with an essense dress in the end!)
  • Hi moonfaery_87

    I love the first dress. For your height it will make you taller.

    I have also gone for a tea dress

    Saving for Gina shoes...

    Wish I had found your dress before

    This is the dress I really wanted

    But way too expensive...

    Em x
  • Hi, I really wanted a tea length dress i was going to get one from Candy anthony in london, so i went to a bridal shop and tried on one and i felt like it wasn't me at all i don't know if that was because it miles to big on me, but i was a little disappointed as thats when i tried all the other different styles and fabrics on and you know straight away which one is for you.

    Just go to a couple of shops and have some fun dressing up you only get to do it once image
  • Hi i am 5'1 and have gone for a watters3062B design. Even that i needed to get shortened tho haha image but i bought mine second hand....

  • Hi,

    I'm only 5"2 and after visiting various bridal shops, was told that you can wear most styles of dress, so if you wanted to go for a fairytale ballgown, you could. The one piece of advice i was given, however, was to avoid a dropped waistline as this can make your already short legs look stumpy! Also if you are particularly flat chested (like me) its best to go for a sweetheart neckline which will accentuate what you do have!!
  • Both dresses are really beautiful but the second one is my favourite x
  • I like no 2. My dress is tea length too as i felt long dresses drowned me. Not got a pic coz i'm getting it made. I've also got wee boobs and found that halter necks make me look bigger!

    Got some beautiful shoes as you can see my feet , very high though so will take some practice before the big day!

  • They are both lovely but I prefer no2!!!
  • KristyukKristyuk Posts: 897

    I think a tea length dress would really suit your figure! I'm 5'3 and wore a tea length dress and thought it was a lot more flattering on me than the full length dresses.

    Check out the 'Just Teas' collection by Jim Hjelm here: - you can get them made in ivory and they're a lot less expensive than traditional wedding dresses (around £200). My dress is #5661.
  • Yay! Tea length all the way...this is me....

    Get a big petticoat, and have fun!

  • Murray2BMurray2B Posts: 82

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  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Second one is my fave!! Looks really elegant. I had my heart set on a full lenght dress but while browsing some bridal shop websites I found this stunner called 'Cannes' by Alan Hannah:

    I reckon I could be persuaded to go for it...xXx
  • HelenPolly, that dress is gorgeous, where is it from?!

    My choice for a tea length dress is practical as I'm getting married in New York in Sept 09 and having a blessing back home afterwards, not for height reasons as I'm around 5'5.

    I've seen a few I like from the likes of Candy Anthony, Michelle Roth, BlueBridal and Stephanie James, but they're all really expensive! The cheaper ones I've found I'm worried won't be such good quality. One option I've found is a dolly couture, or websites like say they can recreate designer dresses for a cheaper price, but they're in China so I don't know if I should trust them! Ooh dilemmas.

    This is my ultimate dress :

    Lots of money though!

    Kayleigh xx
  • markb101ukmarkb101uk Posts: 702
    I think a tea length dress will look lovely on you as you are so tiny! Alfred Angelo do a couple as well so try there. Good luck x
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