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A rant at the fashion industry.....

Is there anyone else here who suffers from social outcasting in the high street fashion world because of their body shape???

Im 5'4, a size 8 (size 6 in some places) with a massive cleavage for my frame, 32E to be exact, and growing. Not fake or anything i was just 'blessed' and i say that very very loosely. Not only is it a never ending mission to find attractive, sexy underwear that fits (backless bras etc are non-existant for e-cups i've found), but clothes shopping has become a stressful, depressing experience for me.

In the last 6 months i have managed to buy only TWO things that fit. A jersey cardigan from Mango which manages to fit my waist neatly and take in the stretch of my boobs, and of course my wedding dressing (which technically still doesn't fit my boobs but its a ribbon corset so they can adapt it).

I feel so rejected by fashion. I cant find ANYTHING that fits. Im sick to the back teeth of wearing badly fitting clothes that either make me look fat because theyre too baggy and that are too tight and my boobs hang out. And dont even get me started on La Sensa, why bother having size 8 baby dolls with only B-cups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mental! So your waist size automatically reflects your bust size??? Grrr so narrow minded.

Its got to the point where my clothes ares falling apart and i cant find anything to replace them. I want to buy a sewing machine and just make beautiful clothes for myself, or adapt larger sizes bought from shops to fit me perfectly. I've never ever had a sexy chami for example, or a corset. They always push my boobs around into grotesque shapes. I have to wear dull wrap overs and polo-necks. I dont want to look like Jordan but WHERE does she get her clothes!!!!!

There is no way in Hell, and i state that clearly, that i will ever ever ever change my body for the sake of fitting clothes. My bust is purely attributed to my appetite. If i stop eating properly, i loose weight there and get very cold and ill. My bust is natural to me and my healthy diet. I shall not be moved into dieting!!!! In fact, i think the fact that im slender everywhere else on my body but just have a 'good pair' that i should be celebrated. Girls in FHM are all the time and they usually have fake ones!!!! They get clothes that fit, why cant us REAL girls get clothes that fit... actually take that back girls in FHM dont wear clothes... maybe thats the key then, that i should just walk around naked and solve all my problems??

Yeah that would go down well at the office... and at dinner parties.... image

Who wants to join me in a petition against the fashion world to make more realistic sizes and shapes for women!!!??? Who wants to reject all badly fitting garments??? In light of the news that womens bodies are changing and many women have larger busts why can they not realistically accomodate to this. Im not a large lady, nor 'curvy'. I am skinny with big boobs. The advice given in magazine for my supposed body shape is not relevant. I dont WANT to make my boobs look smaller, nor my waist. I LIKE THEM AS THEY ARE!

I am boycotting the highstreet since they've abandoned me and my kind. If my money isn't good enough ill start my OWN brand. image


  • Hey LMW

    I know how you feel, I am a size 10 with a DD chest and find it so hard to find flattering and fashionable clothes. I usually buy a size bigger to fit around the bust, but then it makes the rest of me look bigger and totally unflattering.
  • hiya similar prob here - im also a size 8 most places and 6 some, and i am a 28F bra size (not huge as the smaller ur back size, the larger the cup size). I am kinda lucky as i can just about squeeze my chest into an 8 but i hate having to get a bigger size to fit chest as it just looks so baggy around ur waist! The huge problem i have, is getting pretty or sexy underwear as nowhere in the high street atarts at a 28! I get all my bras from 1 place online, but even then corsets and fitted bikini's start at a 30!! grrr!
  • susu88susu88 Posts: 904
    I hear what you're all saying girls. I'm not anywhere as small a size wise as your guys in that i am a size 12 but my bust is a 32G. I freaked out at my last fitting when i thought i was a 32FF humpff. But everytime a friend of mine tells me they are a size 32E of F with a size 8 or 10 frame i can't see what they are worried about. Their boobs don't seem anywhere near as massive as mine. And as for finding clothes for the winter? i just look like a great big chunk in anything remotely fashionable. So annoyed! It's either that or I look like a massive brick wall. So depressing.
  • Hi Ya LMW

    i totally agree with you especially about the babydolls at La Senza, i'm a size 8 and a 32D (all real too, and still growing) and I had to buy a size 10, the cups are still too small but a size 12 would have looked ridiculously too big.

    I find it difficult to find nice fitting tops, I also love my boobs and dont want to wear things which a) squash them into silly shapes or b) make my waist look bigger than it is. so LMW If you start your own range I will buy it!

    Bikinis are the worst, I have to buy separates which end up costing more cos i need a size 8 bottom and a size 10 or 12 for a top!

    thanks for the rant girls phew feel better lol

  • I'm afraid I'm small framed and small chested so I have problems finding bras small enough for me! xx
  • Actually it's a huge problem, I agree. Always had a small waist but big hips and bust. Currently 12 waist and 16/18 bust. Since losing weight for the wedding my waist and back size are going down but my cup size is increasing! I had awful trouble getting a dress. Some places just told me they had nothing I could even try on and others at least looked but couldn't find anything. I finally found a strapless corsetted dress which will pull in at the waist but now I've a new problem... Nowhere seems to make strapless bras in my size 34GG or 34H, heading toward a 32HH now, arghhhhh. I finally found (and this was after hunting everywhere, even asking some custom make places) a basque that almost fits from simply me but they have asked for it back as they accidentally sent me the wrong one and since it has no code on it they don't know what to charge me! Ah well at least I still have 6 months to go to fix all this! I'm dreading fittings as the shop dress maker won't realise that they have agreed that she take n the waist by 3 sizes! I know I will get an earful but what am I supposed to do about it! As if we didn't get enough humiliation in school for the size of our boobs that it can't stop now!
  • Mrs DMrs D Posts: 1,755
    im 5ft3 size 6 with 30E boobs

    I dont have any trouble finding clothes really a size 6/8 still fits over my boobs.
  • LMW - I'll by your range!! I'm a size 8 (though edging towards a 10 at the mo, lol) and d-cup chest that quite often means my tops are 12-14 and huge round the waist. And it's hard to find dresses.

    dizzyb - try Tesco for bikinis. Seriously. They do several size 8s in bikini tops: 8A, 8B/C, 8D/DD. Really useful! image
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    mrs tiernan 2b

    please tell us where you get your clothes from!!!!!!!!!

  • future_mrs_c - thanks for that!

    *dizzyb is heading to tescos*
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    I have had size 6 things in the past which i've actually had to cut OFF because they've got stuck around my boobs. Waist would fit perfectly but my boobs would just wrench in tight and because its in an awkward area to navigate when ones undressing its hard to get off unless your double jointed!!!! Its such a shame, because we all have such lovely bodies and some NOB at fashion head office thinks we all want to wear something similar to a badly fitting crisp packet! Im currently wearing a size 6 top shop white vest. This white vest fits. BUT ive had to rip the bottom seam because i couldn't actually get it over my boobs. Looks funky though all torn image Fits perfectly as soon as its over the Himalyans but its such a shame ive had to wreck my clothes to get SOME kind of fit from them.
  • have you tried for clothes? they have a fairly small range but it's all made to fit over your boobs.
  • Mrs DMrs D Posts: 1,755
    LMW have you tried primark for vests im size 30E size 6/8 and i find there stuff fits well.

    i tried kate moss vests on in topshop tried a size 8 vest on it was hilarious i looked like i should have been in the sunday sport!
  • I'm 5', size 8 and have a 34DD chest and have the same problem as everybody else. If I try to buy anything bigger than my size clothes just swamp me, but things that look alright on take me about two hours to get off as they won't go back over my boobs! I'd also really love a nice shirt, but I can never get any that fit the rest of me to fasten up over my chest.

    I'm in for buying from your range!
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    I did find one shirt, from The White Company, that does fit and flatter if thats any help. They're about £40. I also wear over the top one of their little cashmere tank tops. Looks nice and its not tight in places to the point of becomming irritating.

    You know what? My h2b had the cheek to say to me that since i couldn't techinically fit my bust into a size 8 chami, then im not a size 8 and i should 'get over it' as if it was about some irrelevant weight issue i was having and NOT about my sheer frustration at the majority of clothing being poorly sized and made.... it got me really angry because 'technically', according to his logic, that means im about a size 18 which is wholely inaccurate!!!! If i went around saying 'techinically im a size 18' people would look at me funny. Men can be so blinded.
  • has any one found strapless bras suitable for under wedding dresses? need one in a 28 or 30 G. the only one ive managed to find is too bulky and the middle bit comes too high up! any ideas gratefully received!!
  • Hi girls

    I am a size 10, 5 ft 1 with a 30 G bust! (sometimes 32 when they dont go down to 30!) I find dresses the worst thing to find they NEVER fit!!

    strapless bras for me are a no go area. I have 1 but like you Toms girl its very bulky and massive in the middle (prob the same one!) and have never worn it. I got this in rigby and peller (who are meant to be able to sort out anyones problems) but they couldnt suggest much for me!!

    I have got a strapless wedding dress but as it is a corset back think I am going to go bra-less!! I didnt wear a bra when I was a bridesmaid last year as I had a corset top and it was fine.

    if anyone knows of any strapless bras thou please let us all know!
  • BRAVISSIMO!!!!!!!

    I'm not applauding your misery - that's where you need to go! I'm 5'2" and a 28F/G. Bravissimo have a website, brochure and highstreet shops and they cater for bras right up to about a J (possibly beyond) and a multitude of back sizes. They also do lingerie sets, bridal underwear, shirts and dresses that have more space in the top and they do a range of swimwear as well as halter neck and strappy tops with a full bra hidden inside (and it works!).

    But yes, on the whole totally let down by fashion. If you're short they assume you're thin ( I'm only a 14 but I really struggle) ans all dressy tops at the moment are totally designed for people with no boobs (have you seen the Kate Moss Collection?). Smock tops - fab if you're an AA cup but if you have any boobs at all they fall straight off the end and keep going - like a tent. Does anyone else have a problem with the distance between shoulder and boobs - mine frequently just pop out the top of low cut tops?

    I feel so much better for that!

  • hi yip - i share your pain - im a size 10 5 foot 2 with a 32 FF chest - oh joy! .. but i have found a fab wedding dress that makes me look tall - minimiises my boobs and accentuares my hourglass - its called crystal by jenny packham - and for any short large chested girls out there i would highly recommend it!
  • I'm 5'1", size 6-8 and 34EE so I'm with you guess on the horrors of clothes shopping at times! I found some lovely dresses, in size 8, that fitted me perfect all over! -In Vestry! To be fair they are halterneck ones so I guess you can do the neck straps and loose or tight as you want but its nice to actually find something that fits everywhere!
  • LiLiukLiLiuk Posts: 1,548
    Tasha- yeah ive checked out the Vestry but i never seem to find small sizes. I go to the one in Blue Water and there is never anything under a size 12.

    Bravissimo- I'll be honest. Ive looked on there and i dont like any of it. :S I just dont like the look of it.And the stuff i do like only goes up to a D cup. Ive found some fantasic stuff in Marks and Spencers. Absolutley fab underwear! SO i cant wait for their next season.

    Smock tops- I tried on one once in H&M. It was this beautiful purple thing. On the hanger it looked great, on me- i looked like i'd lost my way to choir practice!! It look horrendous! MAde me laugh though. Smock Tops just arent me. I LOVE those tops which have a fitted top part and then a loose waist part which you can tie back with a bow. Its difficult getting ones with space for my boobs in the fitted part but if you get jersys they tend to fit ok.

    I am totally convinced now that i should start making my own stuff now. Ive dreamt of having this red satin fitted dress for years and this is something i could never get in the shops because 'fitted' thinggs never 'fit me' so the idea of having one that does will look AMAZING and make me feel great. I'd be like Jessica Rabbit.

    All hail Jessica Rabbit
  • Such a relief to hear about ladies with my problems!! I am 5'1", size 8 waist, 10 hips/bum and 32F chest. Nightmare waiting to happen!!! I find that all my tops make me look either too tight and busty, or too baggy and then I look really fat, dumpy and short!!

    I buy most of my bras from Bravissimo. They have some really nice stuff and cater for all large sizes. Look on their website or get the catalogue as it is far easier than trawling around the shops!!!

    I'm going for a Romantica dress. I love Maggie S, but too expensive for me!

    Jessica Rabbit is the ultimate sex icon. Shame she is a cartoon though! lol!

  • Echo the Bravissimo comments for underwear (which only start at a D, so i don't understand LMW's comment above)

    I too have the same problem - i'm a 12/14 and i usually have to buy 14/16 clothes to fit over my bust (34G). So fed up of clothes not fitting properly. I have tried the tops etc at bravissimo but find the extra padding required to 'smooth' the tops make me look even bigger.

    As for dresses - I have a maggie sottero dress cos it is a lace up. My hips & waist fit into a 14 but my bust needs a 16 (Well, 15) so we've ordered the 16 and they are gonna take it in for round my hips.

    Why when the British population on average is a 14 and people are having boob jobs left right and center, do shops insist on only stocking bras up to a D cup and providing clothes for flat chested women with no hips up to a size 8? In general a british woman is not blessed with the waif like far eastern frame, so why do we get all our clothes designed and made out there? Makes no sense to me. And when most of the population is in the 12 - 16 size range, why do they constantly stock 8's and tell you they don't do bigger sizes? Just cos you're short doesnt mean you have a waif like frame, and just cos you have a wider frame does not mean you are fat!

    Sorry, rant over!

  • Hi, I have a really weird shape..

    32E, 28 waist and size 12 bum - so nothing fits at all!
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