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Wedding Flowers...

obviously as we are petite ladies, is anyone having a huge bouquet??

what kind of things are u having?

I originally wanted a shower but decided it wouldnt look right with me and have gone for a hand tied....

list your wedding date too! image

21 June 08!! 208 dayssssss xx


  • I'm having a drop bouquet. At first i thought it might be too big but the shop had one on show (im going for artificial silk flowers) and it was the perfect size. Its not huge, its just right!

    The bm's will have posys (spelling)

    dizzyb xxx

    23rd August 08 270 days!!!!
  • kmtatekmtate Posts: 63
    i'm the same as dizzyb - really like the idea of a shower bouquet so am just not going to have a huge one - will be really delicate and trailing with ivy and lillies etc.

    16th May 2008 - 171 days!
  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    I'm having a hand tied posy...Avalanche roses...they're huge..!.have you seen them?? x
  • i've just googled them... they are gorgeous bride74!!

    i'm having roses and a few freesias here and there, the freesias are 4 my nan image xx
  • anyone know a good florist in cambridge /newmarket area?

    and are pink lillies too funeral-like for a wedding??
  • i got a huge bouquet of pink lillies for our engagement... they were gorgeous... i think they'd be fine.. i know every1 seems to be going for gerberas though.. they are gorgeous in pink

    nope sorry... image xx
  • I am thinking of a shower one as I read they can make your body seem longer. I am only 5 2 and have to wear low heels cos of my bad back so I need all the help I can get!

    I am thinking roses and orchids.


    27th Sept 2008 - 211 days!
  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    I was told it depends on the shape of your dress, so take a pic of your dress to show the florist.
  • I'm having a small hand tied bunch as felt that a teardrop cascade would just be trailing on the ground in front of me!

    Bridesmaids are having something a bit smaller than mine and a bit different. Me, my bridesmaids are ALL under 5 foot 3! image
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