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Length of veil for a shortie??

Hello all!

Im 5ft nothing and wearing about a 3 inch heel on my wedding day.... need to pick a veil soon and really want a full length one (my dress has small train) to reach the end of my dress - do you think that will suit my height?


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  • ninaredninared Posts: 737

    I am also a shortie but am having huge veil, from the back i look very tall with it on cos it is so long, go for it girliy!

  • Hiya,

    I'm also having a full length veil - my dress (Alan Hannah, Passion) is very simple so I want something really dramatic - and it also looks absolutely fabulous!! I also bought my tiara and necklace on Staurday, and finally picked my shoes (G&L, Amelia) , I'm practically coming to the end of my outfit buying!! BOO image
  • I'm glad someone else posted this topic. I've been thinking about this quite a lot recently, trying to find the right veil to suit my size (also 5' nothing). Whenever I google the subject I find plenty of advice on the type of veils short brides shouldn't wear (FYI this apparently includes cathedral lenght, chapel length, waltz length and waist length veils!). The few websites that offer positive advice suggest we wear the shortest veils. But I don't want a short veil! I've always dreamed of wearing a beautiful romantic veil and am becoming really disheartened by suggestions that we have to miss out just because we're short. Why should tall brides have all the fun?!
  • I'm under five foot and I'm having a long veil and I LOVE it, it looks great on. There's so much conflicting advice on dresses/veils/bouquet shapes to suit your height, shape blah, blah blah - best not to listen to any of it and try it out for yourself!
  • hey

    im 5 ft 1 and I am having a long veil that is prob chapel length. dont listen to the advice - if you try it on and love it thats all that matters plus if u have always wanted a long one even more reason to have one!
  • Hi, I'm fairly short and was advised against a full length veil or train. BUT, I have just ordered my dress with an extra long train and a veil which comes down past my bottom. It really depends what you're comfortable in and if you feel great thats all that matters. I doubt people will be muttering on your wedding day about your choice of style of veil. Go for it, have what you want! P.s if you want to see my dress its number 984 marilyn here:

    Rufio & John Sept 2008

  • Hi everyone, i say go with what you think suits you, if you want a long veil just get one, The usually say anyway if you have a train you should get a long veil. Im about 5"3, and am going for the full works,
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