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On the hunt for really tiny shoes!

Hi ladies,

I'd be really grateful for a little help.

I'm being bridesmaid for my friend in June and my co-bridesmaid is really tiny. She is worried she will struggle to find shoes.

She wears a size 2 and we are after diamante effect shoes or sandals with a bit of a heel.

Can anyone point us in teh right direction please?

Thanks so much,



  • BHS do childrens bridesmaids shoes. Might be worth seeing if they fit.
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Thanks Saz, but the thing is she isn't a child, she's in her late 20s and wants something with a heel. So not convinced that children's shoes would be right. Still, worth a try, thanks for the suggestion.
  • MELVukMELVuk Posts: 329
    Have a look at

    All of them seem to come in a size 3 with a few styles in a size 2.

    benjamin adams ones are beautiful.

    Lily. x
  • Try brantano they have the sizes together. I'm a size 2 and find it hard to get "grown up" styles. If not a size 3 with strap that goes round the ankle or across the top of her feet. I've found i sometimes get away with a 3 from New Look!! If I find any where else I'll let you know. When does she need them by? Good Luck!
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Thank you so much!!!

    I've sent her the Paradox link - briliant.

    I will suggest Brantano asap! And also New Look (who would have thought it?! I do love NL for the bargains that you can sometimes grab!).

    The wedding is in June Tigermoo - but dress hem is being altered in late April so we need to have our shoes by then.

    Thanks so much for the help, it really is appreciated.


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  • Today, i've been to Emmy Shoes in Islington. They're gorgeous. I have a size 2 feet. The prices start about £375.00 I believe. Their website is Afterwards, they can also take care of dying them a colour you're more likely to wear after. Hope this is of some help.
  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932

    Newby with small feet! image

    Don't know if they will have the right styles but i get my shoes from these websites (i'm a size 2)

    Hope they help

  • are brilliant. I have a size 2 as well and they are helpful!
  • Hi i have noticed tht Barratts do adult shoes that start at a size 1!!!! i hope this helps

  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Thanks everyone!!! What stars! X
  • do small sizes!
  • Elegant, I've seen a few size 2's on there some in the sale Kendall £35 really nice....they do a shoe dye service too so you can get them to match the dress, good luck! x
  • I find it really hard to find size 2 shoes. I will now look on these websites suggested. Thanks.
  • Try the dance shoe sites there's loads of them and have some very pretty shoes under £50.00. I have size 2 and they have by far the largest range of non kiddy style shoes that I've found so far.

    Also meant to be very comfortable.

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