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colour scheme for guests

help.............I have not sent out invitations but casually mentioned to a friend that I do not want guests to wear bridal colours such as white, I also said I did not want guests wearing Black. Said friend agreed and said I should mention it on the invites. Since then friend has told me she has bought total wedding outfit (dress, shoes bag) and said her dress is B & white....It may have been a genuine mistake ( but I feel as it would matter as it is going against my wishes on my day, and also other friends have said they wanted to wear black but if I don't want them to they will find something else) sorry for the rant... what are your opinions and am I being tooooo fussy on the colour thing? also any advice on bringing the topic up with friend?:\(


  • Definately think your being a tiny bit Zilla. It not a big white frock she is not going to show you up image You're not going to be outshone by any of your guests because you'll be the bride and you'll be the one with the massive smile. Would you rather your guest were happy and happy to be there for you?

  • Not sure on that one what time of year is the wedding? I suppose if its a spring or winter one then maybe a few men would be wearing black suits, alot of the colours are mainly black post winter but i'm sure not everyone will be. It'll probably a black dress here and some black trousers there with a few people maybe wearing white shirts i'm sure you wouldn't notice it that much. But at the end of the day if this is really making you unhappy and you think it will make a difference to your day then have the no Black and White rule!! x
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    black and white is very elegant and I can imagine people wanting to wear it to look chic at a wedding, its such a popular combination.

    why are you worrying about what your guests wear? Not ONE of them will look anything like as fabulous as you, and all eyes are on you, not them!

    I am thinking of having a black tie wedding, so will stipulate a sort of dress code, but I can't imagine telling people what not to wear. Even if someone turns up in a big white meringue, who is going to look daft?! she is!

    Don't worry yourself over this, you will have the most amazing day, and will be the star of the show, whatever your guests are wearing.

    good luck


  • I agree. Black has actually become quite common for wedding guests, and even some wedding parties (for my cousin's wedding us bridesmaids were in black dresses). Plus, every woman owns a nice black dress, and some people don't want to or can't afford to go out and buy a new dress. And I doubt anyone would show up in a full out white dress.

    Honestly, I would be quite annoyed if someone told me what I couldn't wear (or had to wear) to their wedding. It's one thing to let guests know that it will be a formal wedding or a casual garden wedding, but if you start trying to control the guests, then it might be time to take a step back and rethink things.

    Besides, you have more important things to worry about--why stress yourself with how your guests are dressed?!
  • I can understand not wanting an all white dress but I can't see a problem with black. a freind wore a black dress to h2b sis wedding 3 summers ago and she was the best dressed guest!

    I don't think you need to mention the no white thing, most women should know!

  • thnx for your replies,

    I dont think i was very clear with my issue above, but it has been resolved now. Onto more exciting wedding planning (which this site is great for!)

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