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5 ft 3 with wedding pics!

Hi ladies...I hope you'll agree a 5 ft 3 bride can wear a catherdral veil after all the height advice we get...Stick to your dream ;\)

password: guitarra

I wore la sposa guitarra size 10 - any other questions...feel free

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  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    you look absolutely amazing. you r the same height as me and i am wearing cathedral length veil, single tier also, so thanks for the inspirtational pics. you make an attractive couple. xxx
  • I'm wearing a cathedral veil too at 5'2, never considered not wearing one even tho it may swamp me lol just feels so bridal!! Bet you'll look lovely origin79 image
  • you look so lovely! can i just ask where did you get your tiara/headband from its really pretty?
  • Wow, wow, wow! You look absolutely gorgeous!
  • Wow, wow, wow! You look absolutely gorgeous!
  • Etty, finally! I have been waiting to see your photos for ages as I'm your dress twin! You look stunning and so happy. The dress looks amazing on you, I hope I look that good! Where did you get your lace shrug from? xx
  • EttyukEttyuk Posts: 44
    hi rach, sorry i was meaning get back to you..well here you are anyway image

    Lace shrug was from Sassi Holford £250 - I brought it from a stockist (listed on her site) so it was slightly more economical than made to measure from her designer shop shall we say..but I was still measured before it was ordered.

    Jess my tiara was from a local bridal shop by Amanda Wyatt £45 not sure of the name or number though..

    Thanks lola, kissi and origin, so lovely to read such nice comments..

    I'm looking forward to seeing all your photos too.. even though the day has long passed for me

  • What a gorgeous bride you made! At 5ft2 its good to see what other petite brides look like!

    Where were the pictures taken? The place looks stunning!
  • Congrats! U look gorgeous! I love your veil...was it expensive? I am trying to find a lovely veil that hangs at the front just like yours and is soft...what do I ask for? Thanks xx
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Very elegant and radiant... Congratulations, you looked lovely
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    wow you and hubby are both stunning love your pics so sophisticated!!
  • Hayleyr76Hayleyr76 Posts: 660
    You really do look absolutely beautiful, congratulations, I hope you had a wonderful day xxx
  • jules-xjules-x Posts: 458
    oh wow etty you look fabulous on your wedding day, i have bobbed hair too and was gona try and grow it out for my wedding next summer but seeing your hair has now made me think about keeping it the length it is....hmmm.

    Congratulations on your big day, you looked amazing....very stylish, contemporary and sophisticated!! x
  • EttyukEttyuk Posts: 44
    Thank you all, such lovely comments

    My Veil material / tulle was from - theweddingveilshop . co . uk

    *** £30!!!!!!!!! ***

    I used the order form on that site but put exactly what I needed in the extra comments box at the bottom. The veiling I chose was regular 'ivory'. I did the whole samples thing as they are brilliant at sending them out but if your dress is white - get white, ivory - get ivory. There is a shimmer version but I didn't feel this was neccessary..although very beautiful.

    If you diy like me - I measured from my tiara down the back of my dress and the same down the front imagining I had my bouquet - added it together 144ish inches x the widest tulle they had and asked for an oval piece of tulle with **no comb** sewn in so I could attach the veiling directly to my tiara which I did with those little plastic clothes popper things sewn onto the tiara and veil. That way I could easily take the veil off later and still wear my tiara..

    I brought it with a raw edge ie. no edging at all.

    Love & Best wishes all xxx

  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    ah the pics are beautiful, you look stunning and a beautiful venue x
  • DyllypopsDyllypops Posts: 102
    Hi there. Photobucket wont accept the password. I am dying to see your pictures.
  • chrislastchrislast Posts: 47
    Same here, won't accept the password image I'm 5'3 so would love to see them.
  • sezmouksezmouk Posts: 221
    no i can't get on to see either!! im debating veil length as the bottom of my dress is very detailed!

    i really want to see!!

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I wanna see imageimageimage
  • DyllypopsDyllypops Posts: 102
    Hi Sezmo.

    That is the reason that i am so desperate to see it. My dress is all embroided and has loads of detail on the train. My auntie thinks it will be a shame to cover it up. I always wanted a long veil but i am not sure what to do now. What lenth veil were you thinking about having?
  • EttyukEttyuk Posts: 44
    sorry ladies!! i though everyone had finished looking - the password has been reset to: guitarra again image
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    I can't see either! I am a fellow shorty and would love to see you dress!
  • EttyukEttyuk Posts: 44
    GUITARRA in capitals..... hope all the effort is worth it for you!!! thanks for looking :0)
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    Wow!! That looks fab, so classic. Maybe I won't look so daft after all!
  • You look lovely. Do you mind telling me how you got your veil and tiara to stay in place. I too have bobbed hair like yours, mines just a touch longer but I'm worried my tiara isn't gonna stay in all day and is gonna keep falling out. I get married in 17 days, going to the hairdressers tomorrow for them to have a play about with it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. XXX
  • EttyukEttyuk Posts: 44
    hi katie

    ok a well kept secret spiled - no-one knew this..!

    my tiara was made with loops in the end like most are for pinning in the hair.

    i brought some thin black elastic from a haberdashery store and tied it on both ends of the tiara in very strong knots! so it was like a traditional hairband with elastic running around the bottom of my hair and once on my head i pulled my hair through it and over the elastic. it was quite a windy day but with a bob haircut no one had any clue..i wore it around the house abit to get used to the tight feeling on my head and the idea that no one really could see anything!!

    hope this helps - all the best for your hairdo day tomorrow x
  • Ah right, that sounds good, My veil is a little different though as it's on a comb. I'm not too worried about the veil as my hair is all gonna be backcombed so it will sit in place, its just the tiara if that starts moving about im worried its going to look daft.
  • crocosgirlcrocosgirl Posts: 261
    You look absolutely stunning. The dress was gorgeous. I love your lacey bolero.

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