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  • pootyukpootyuk Posts: 137
    do you have a picture of the dress from the website or anything to compare it to to take to the shop to point out the flaw?

    My advise is to be firm, but not rude (or hysterical!) with the shop and don't let them bully you. if you have paid full price for it, it should be perfect. if it is faulty then they should order you a new one (and probably knock some money off for the inconvenience and stress!) if they are iffy about doing that maybe say that you will contact maggie sottero yourself to inform them of what they are trying to do and sell faulty versions of her designs full price. I think it's important that you stand your ground. if they will not budge tell them that you will name and shame them on this forum which has 66542 members!!

    good luck. I hope the shop does the right thing for you.


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  • nozzer77nozzer77 Posts: 241
    Good luck cococlaire, i agree you need to be firm but assertive. Your dress has to be perfect if it the manufacturers faulty they show fix it asap. Its there duty in the sales of good acts 1979
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Hi cococlaire - sorry to hear it completely spoiled your day and I can understand why you're so upset about it!

    As others have said, you're perfectly within your rights to get a perfect dress, not a faulty one.

    They can get another dress for you within 5 months if they order it express.

    Don't back down and don't accept second best!

    Good luck x
  • Oh honey I'm sorry!! Hold your dress up against the sample one and make them see that it's faulty and demand they do something about it. 5 months should be enough time for you to get another one if they hurry. It's not on, don't have it!!

  • Thanks for all the advice girls, I'm feeling more confident today & I'm not settling for anything less than a replacement!You've all really helped me feel reassured! I'll let you know how I get on this afternoon......thanks again x x x
  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    oh CocoClaire thats awful! Make sure you stand your ground. Contacting Maggie S is a good idea if the shop try to bully you.

    Good luck hun

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  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Fab news! I bet you're so happy now after all that frustration and upset! That's brilliant, I'm so happy for you x
  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    ah i'm really pleased for you thats great news xx
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