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Small Britain Anyone?

I haven't been out dress shopping yet, but I get miffed about shops not holding small sizes of things in stock!

When my H2B proposed he was worried i wouldn't like the ring, so he took me to a few shops the next day so i could pick my ring. I got measured as a H!!! and they didn't have anything smaller than an M!

I was so disappointed that i would have to wait a few weeks to get one ordered in. H2B rang around every shop in Devon looking for rings in an H, there weren't any. There was some in an I in Exeter, so he drove me all the way there to look at them anyway.

In the ended up with an I that he picked out! It fits perfectly.


  • kirstyg23kirstyg23 Posts: 10
    I wouldn't worry, my ring took 4 months to arrive after my other half proposed. All because my ring size is an 'F'. I wasn't too impressed. Ordering my wedding ring well in advance...don't wanna have to wait for that!!!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I'm an H too, we ended up having to get my engagement ring resized twice!! So yes, I'll be looking early too! Although I find it hard to know what it something will look like in my size. I found a beautiful ring the other week but it must have been a size P or something - how on earth am I supposed to be able to imagine what it will look like smaller!
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    I'm also a size H and h2b had done very well to propose with a ring he'd chosen in a size I but unfortunately it kept slipping off so we went to the shop and they ordered a new one in. It only took 8 days and they let me keep the original one for those 8 days to wear as a newly engaged woman hehe

    H2b had had to order the I in special though too though, so it seems that jewellers just hold more average sized rings, for the vast majority to be able to try.

    I think it's the same with dresses, as there was only one shop (in 4) which I went to which had a couple of smaller sized dresses in. I bought my dress after having tried on a sample sized 14 (I'm a 6) which was very difficult to gauge, however the ladies were lovely and after much scrunching at the back and standing on a box, I could see myself in it perfectly.

    So ladies, I wouldn't worry, if the dress is meant for you - I think you'll feel it, no matter what size the sample is! x
  • Im a size H too and was worried about wedding rings but lucky ive found that they do go down in that size but yeah most shops dont have them in stock
  • hi im about a h too. my h2b went and got me a welsh gold (cariad) ring which is absolutely amazing, but the smallest size they do is a J. so i wear a little clip which fits on the inside of the ring. its a bit wierd at first but dont even feel it now. its better than sending it off for another 2 weeks and it having all the CARIAD inprint melted away. i would of worn it round my wrist if it was big enough. lol

    AND AS FOR DRESSES!!!!!! :\?

    i tried on about 40 dresses and bought the first one i tried on. im only 4 foot 11 so all the dresses where about 3 foot too long and getting a visual was realy hard. but i kept going back to the one i first tried on. it fitted perfect around the top and looked amazing when i was stood on top of a massive box. lol. it only cost me 25 image quid to get it taken up as it had a train they just made the train look longer and shorter at the front. i wouldnt change it for the world. image

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