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What is the Best Shape dress for a small bride?


Need some help please! I've been to 2 dress shops now, and the shop assistants haven't done much to help me at all!

I am 5.2 and a size 6. I just do not know what i should be looking at dress-wise! Obviously not a meringue, which i wouldn't want anyway. but I don't like straight as I feel they are too sexy, and fishtail i heard is for tall brides.

I was told in one shop that as i am in proportion it doesn't really matter, but i just wanted to know about your experiences? And what dresses suit you?

Thank you! x

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  • i have mori lee 2811 which is quite princessy, didn;'t think i'd like it when i first saw it but i lurrrve it!!

    fishtail didn't suit me as it made me look like i had shakira hips when i normally don't! i think that a-line might suit? what do u picture urself in? xx
  • kusobabakusobaba Posts: 272
    Hi! no i don't think fishtail suits me either. I do love ian stuart dresses but think they may be a bit to fancy for me as i am small. he does do some which are more fitted, but i'm yet to try on! i did try some A-line Suzanne Neville dresses which were beautiful, but i found it hard to picture it as they were so big for me in the shop. It also had a sash which cut me in half!

    It's harder than you think isn't it! Do you have a pic of yours xx
  • I'd go to the Littlewoods site and try the Trinny and Susannah Dress your shape and not your size thingey on there. Forget about your height and size and just find something that flatters your shape.

    I too read that fishtail dresses were more for tall brides but I'm totally an hourglass and these dresses suit my shape so that's what I've got.

    Here's me in my fishtail dress:
  • juliewoojuliewoo Posts: 277
    I'm having the same problem. I'm 5"2' and a size 6/8. Tried on lots of dresses, would like to wear a big(ish) dress but they do nothing for me. I have two in mind, both are a similar shape, this is one and the other is slightly bigger at the back. I agree with showtunesgirl thou, go what you think suits you not what you read. Happy dress hunting!xx
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Hi there, I'm a size 6 too, but a couple of inches shorter than you. I tried on all sorts of shapes and decided that fishtails actually made me look a bit taller (longer). I hated A line on me, and only tried on a big meringue for a joke lol

    I've bought a dress which is classed as 'sheath'. Which doesn't cling on as much as a fishtail, but still follows the lines of your body. It's a very flattering shape and lengthens me somewhat.

    The best thing to do is to try on lots of different shapes and decide for yourself what suits you. Good luck and have fun x
  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    The others are right i don't think there is a particular shape to go for, i didn't suit big dresses but have seen very petite girls on here who look stunning in bigger dresses. I would say try on all shapes to see what suits you best.

    Good luck hun, report back when you've found one! : )

  • ttsang1134ttsang1134 Posts: 183
    When I started looking, I was told to try on everything - even if I thought it would look horrible. It was quite a good thing to do, because I quickly found out what suited my shape and what didn't.

    Plus things that look plain on a hanger can be so different on your body. I was quite amazed what looked good on me, and some of the dresses I thought would look great, looked horrible.

    I've ended up with Delphine, by Jenny Packham because I wanted something really simple and elegant.

    Good luck and keep us updated with your search! x
  • loobylou2ukloobylou2uk Posts: 344
    I'm 5ft 2 also, I've got a fishtail, because the waist is so low it actually elongates your body, I thought it wouldn't suit me but it doees. A Lines just did nothing for me, larger princessy ones do but I'm too old and getting married abroad.

    I'd suggest trying as many different ones as you can you'll probably be surprised at what looks good on you.

    enjoy your shopping! x

    my dress is Ellis Bridal 11054 from glamorous collection, sorry can't do pics! x
  • 141Bash141Bash Posts: 500
    When I first got married in 1998 I was a size 8. My dress had a corset bodice with 3 inch wide shoulder straps and a square neckline. I was able to emphasise my small waist but the corset along with a pair of chicken fillets and a wonder bra helped me to get a great cleavage out of my small boobies! The neckline of the dress was flattering too as the square shape haeped with the cleavage but it had lace flowers overlaid, so it softened the lines. That's why I didn't want a strapless dress as I couldn't wear a bra with straps, which does help when trying to create a cleavage out of limited resources! The skirt of the dress was a flowing chiffon style so it didn't drown me. I think it worked really well for my figure.

    This time around I am now a size 12 with 32DD boobies! It's amazing what can change in ten years. I am wearing a two-piece taffeta silk dress with a huge skirt and the bodice is a strapless corset with a sweetheart neckline. I have had to go for something different as I have such a different figure now, plus I didn't want the dress to be similar to the first time round.
  • spunfaerieukspunfaerieuk Posts: 1,347
    I have a friend who is size 6 and she's about 5' 5" - she tried on a fishtail very reluctantly and looked AMAZING in it! It was very elegant and didn't make her appear tiny. I think it pays to try on all kinds of different dresses, I've heard of so many brides that ended up in a dress they never would've looked twice at before (I'm one of them!)
  • sarah_jane77uksarah_jane77uk Posts: 1,421

    I'm a size 6 and 5ft and tried on dresses of all shapes and sizes, slinky ones did nothing for me as i'm an hourglass shape and my hips looked huge in comparison to my waist. I found that a corsetted a-line with detail on the waist suited me best..

    here is me in mine. (not having a good hair day)

  • i have just finally chosen my dress and am a size 6 and 5ft 3

    I also tried on loads of different types of dresses and hope the followinf advice will be helpful

    a sweetheart neckline looks great as it lengthens the top half of your body

    strapless dresses look great as thick straps and halternecks can drown your body -especially if you have alot of material in the rest of your dress

    If you are going for a dress that is large at the bottom then go for a style that is tight all the way over your hips and doesnt finish at the waost line -this can also make you look taller aswell!

  • natjonnatjon Posts: 357
    I am 5"0 & a size 10 and went for an Aline as other shapes didn't suit me , My bridesmaid is about 5"2 and size 8 the fishtail shape looks great on her so I think it depends what suits you try different shapes on.
  • jojo2972jojo2972 Posts: 317
    I am 5ft1 an size 10 I have gone for a hollywood dreams really princessy.I thought something A line and simple woud suit me best but fell in love with the hollywood dreams.
  • TJNukTJNuk Posts: 305

    Which designer and style is your dress? It's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for!!!!
  • HayleyC2HayleyC2 Posts: 1

    I'm a petit too. found that fitted and traditional works well. Have you tried the Bridal Village in Morley near Leeds West yorkshire?

    They cater for petit. I'm going in a couple of weeks.

    Just keep trying lots of different styles. You'll find one you love and to suit eventually.

    Enjoy looking!

    Hayley Elland west yorkshire
  • sarah_jane77uksarah_jane77uk Posts: 1,421
    Hi TJN

    Its a Maggie Sottero called 'Charlene Marie' in light gold, its a very reasonable price really aswell. It cost me £540 but I think now retails for £650 as I bought it on a designer day,
  • TJNukTJNuk Posts: 305
    Hi SarahJane,

    God, that is a reasonable price and within my budget! Whereabouts are you and where did you get your dress? You're probably miles away from me! I live in North Wales and I don't think there's anywhere near me that actually sells Maggie dresses, so I may have to travel further afield.
  • chicagurlukchicagurluk Posts: 16
    I'm 5ft flat and my gown is going to be an A-line with halter neck.

    Just curious, would an empire waist style gown flatter a petite bride?
  • xJellytotsxxJellytotsx Posts: 454
    i'm 5ft but not as slim as you but going for a maggie aline - girl in the shop was great though, she picked it out for me to try on and she was spot on
  • HI. im 4 foot 11. and size 8-10. i tried on loads of dresses and they all made me look well dodgy. i tried on the most simple a-line dress and i looked amazing. i fell in love with it.

    i was tired of tellin me try this try that, but some times they do help. i should of listened to what people where tellin me instead of lookin for a dress that had been in my head since i was 12. my dress is so sophisticated and sexy but simple. shame i didnt listen in the first place. it would of saved me alot of hassle. lol x x x good luck x x x
  • sarah_jane77uksarah_jane77uk Posts: 1,421
    Hi TJN

    Not a million miles from you, I live in South Wales. Got my dress from Swansea but there is also a stockist in Cardiff if you fancy a day trip.
  • TJNukTJNuk Posts: 305

    Well, after phoning all Maggie stockists within a 60 mile radius I've managed to get one delivered to a shop in Manchester! I go to try it on in a couple of weeks and it's costing me £35 for the privledge as they've got to order it in especially. They said if I like it they will knock the £35 off the dress and they've offered to sell it to me for £499 (so will cost me another £464) which is well within my budget!! I'm so excited! I just hope it suits me as otherwise I'll be loosing £35.
  • TashCrispTashCrisp Posts: 6

    I am so glad that there are other petite brides out there. I am 5" and between a 6 and an 8, more an 8 now. I really like Maggie dresses and wondered if anyone could recommend some that suit petite shapes? I have tried some on but each time I cant see past the pretty dress to know if it looks good - does anyone else have this problem?

  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    Hi there, I'm roughly the same size as you, an inch shorter though!

    I only tried on a few Maggies but this one was lovely and suited my figure

    I wouldn't worry about being petite, if you love a dress, go for it! x
  • TashCrispTashCrisp Posts: 6

    thanks a lot - that dress is fabulous - have you decided and bought yours yet? its hard isnt it?

    I really liked Irina but it was suggested that it made my bottom half look even shorter - not a look that I want to go for!!

    are there any other designers you would recommend?

  • halstlyhalstly Posts: 68

    I was also a petite bride at 5ft 2, and I found that I suited plain dresses more. Empire lines are also good for petite brides as they make you taller.
  • TashCrispTashCrisp Posts: 6
    what was your dress like? are you able to post a picture? any that you would recommend trying. I can't seem to get my head around all of the different types.

  • lduklduk Posts: 20

    im 5'1/2", and i have chosen a tea length dress, with some heels, which adds inches to me, but also makes me look petite and pretty, im petite and proud, and its a brilliant style for small ladies.

    my h2b is 6'5", so im going to look teeny, but who cares? t lenght are not everyones cup of tea, but if you try one on, you may change your mind. it depends wat type of look your going for, i want a 'romantic, pretty' look. and i think i may have my hair in a low side pony tail with hair curled in a spiral.

    hope this helps someone x
  • Maxfield1Maxfield1 Posts: 62
    I really do think that it depends on your shape not just the height, so try on lots of different styles to find which suits you better. I'm 5.3 and a size 8, my dress is a fish tail it suited me better than A line. I am thin but shapely so didn't want to hide the curves that i have.

    Hope this helps

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