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table names for 2 tables

Hi brides to be, i was hoping you'd be able to help me regarding our table names. basically my wedding only has 30 guests (32 with me and H2b) and our dining reception is very small. We've figured out that the best way to seat everyone is on two big paralell tables of 16 (as we aren't having a top table) but I don't want them numbered as just 1 and 2 because I think it sounds a bit sad however I would like to call them something - any suggestions greatly appreciated!


  • PippaukPippauk Posts: 146
    The obvious answer would be bride and groom but then that would imply that the people on each table belong to each of you. Do you have a theme? Could it be colours or flowers. It would be great if it could be two things taht go together: like bubble and squeak but if your not eating that it might be strange. Sorry just thinking out loud.
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    How about something from the words of the ceremony or the vows e.g. "To Have" and "To Hold" or something like that?
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  • vicky_melhamvicky_melham Posts: 192
    How about the names of the place you first met and the place you got engaged?

  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    Do you have any pets? Where did you first go on holiday? What's your colour theme? If you're only having 2 colours you could do those...

    If I had 2 tables I'd call them after our 2 cats.. even though they've got silly names! Our our favourite animals - penguins and sheep!

    I'd like to name each of our tables (4) after a different species of penguin (there are 17 by the way) so I'd choose my 4 favourites. He's very tolerant of my penguin obsession!
  • Why don't you think of 2 things that mean alot to you within your marriage and life together and name them after that.

    We have 10 tables and we are naming them after things that we think are important for a happy marriage. Our top table is called Eternity!!

  • Penguin - someone who also thinks like me i was thinking of naming our tables after species of penguins, hoping to see some in NZ on our honeymoon!!!!

    Claire you should definately go with words / places/ things that mean a lot to you both i have been to weddings where the tables were named after favourite holiday destinations, malt whiskeys - both gave off the couples personalities
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I'm only having 30 guests to the wedding breakfast and having one long banqueting table with rounded ends to get around this problem and then everyone feels special! Why don't you try that if you can? I am having my two little sons on each end! Fatal - they will probably pull faces at each other!
  • vanuk1vanuk1 Posts: 103
    What about the names of a famous couple who you admire? Romeo and Juliet, Posh and Becks, Adam and Eve, Tarzan and Jane etc etc. Or along the lines of Grumpy Princess' idea, what about a favourite drink e.g. gin and tonic, or Moet and Chandon?

    We are having 10 tables and I can't think of a theme for ours, anyone have any ideas? Loads of people have done the holiday destination theme, I was hoping to be more individual!
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