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4pm wedding, evening reception only???

Hi all

We don't get married until 4pm so we are just having an evening reception. We thought about having the whole sit down meal but then thought what is the point on spending all that money when our family aren't really into all that sort of thing so... we have decided we are having a massive party instead because after all it is a celebration of our marrage!

We just want people to come a long and have a good time, dance the night away! We have decided that we will have the tradition of having a first dance, and a best man speech and the cake cutting but that is it as far as tradition goes!!

Is anyone else doing something a long these lines? It would be great to know I am not on my own!

Love Bec x


  • Hi BecWilliams2B, i'm doing this too, we also get married at 4pm so we're not having the whole sit down meal thing either. We're going to have a hot buffet where you help yourself and everyone sits down to eat it and were still having favours on each table which are boxes of chocolates and were having a big tub of sweets and activity pack for the kids.

    Also we're still going to have the 1st dance, speeches and cake cutting so it won't be that much different from a normal wedding really.

    When's the big day? xx
  • swimmer31ukswimmer31uk Posts: 105
    Me too!! I get married this September. Again a 4pm Ceremony. Reception is in the same place. We will have a huge buffett out at about 8pm for everyone to enjoy, still have speeches although very informal, the first dance and cake cutting. We are decorating the tables but not having favours.
  • BevversBevvers Posts: 650
    Me too!!!!

    We are having the ceremony at around 4pm then having drinks afterwards for those who are at the marriage. Then having the big full on party!!!! The only traditional thing that I want is the first dance, no speeches , no cutting the cake. This is all taking place in a hotel so no moving about either.

    Alot of people I have told think we are odd for doing it this way but my h2b & I dont want all the hoopla of the speeches etc & we did originally think to go abroad to be married.

    Cant wait to be honest.........18 months to go

  • RRadford84RRadford84 Posts: 811
    It's nice to know I am not alone in thinking the whole traditional wedding breakfast etc is over the top! I mean, I am going to be strapped into a dress that I can hardly breath in never mind sit through a 3 course meal!!

    We are having a hot and cold buffet in a large function room near the church. We are decorating the tables but not decided on the favours yet.

    We don't wed til next july so we have plenty of time to get organised!

    oooh we have booked an amazing dj aswell!!

    Can't wait!

    When is everyone else getting married?

    What is everones budget like? We aren't going mad but want a nice night to remember! We have decided to blow out on the honeymoon!!

    x x x
  • frankie999frankie999 Posts: 14
    Hi, we are doing the same and getting married in 8 weeks. just finalising all the little bits like the reading etc. We are having drinks and canapes after the ceremony and then a buffet later in the evening.
  • pinky541123pinky541123 Posts: 752
    Us too - 2nd August, 4.30pm so we're going straight to the reception with champagne (& guinness and lager and absinthe cocktails in champagne flutes!) then a half served buffet for absolutely everyone. We can only have 45 people to the ceremoney and we wanted to make everyone else feel a big part of the day too so this will hopefully work out perfectly!
  • RRadford84RRadford84 Posts: 811
    Yes that is me Clairc! Thank you very much! Although I have just grown my fringe out (i get bored very easily!)

    I think your plans sound great!

    Is anyone having a church wedding?

    x x
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    I'm having a church wedding about three pm. The the reception at a nearby hotel. I figured that people will have eaten before the wedding so serving a big hot buffet around 7 should be enough if we do the speeches and cake stuff between times.
  • pink81ukpink81uk Posts: 305
    I just posted something similar on another thread, but we are doing the same. Ceremony at 4pm, reception drinks and photos followed by short speeches, cutting of cake of cheese(!) then buffet/BBQ from 6.30pm. We'll have plenty of cheese to go round so there'll be a cheeseboard later in the evening too if anyone gets peckish (I know I will!).

    We're also having karaoke so it's definitely erring on the side of informal and relaxed. There won't be a table plan or seats for everyone so no place settings as such. We're undecided on favours still, but will be decorating tables simply with glass lanterns and candles.

    I'm getting really excited thinking about everything now. I also just rang our registrar to book an appointment to go over everything and pay our fees. She is a lovely lady.

    Sorry if anyone is bored of hearing my plans. I love talking about them though! xx

    P.S. We're getting married in the great hall of what was a castle so it's a lovely old building like a church, but a civil ceremony. Perfect for us as we're not particularly religious.

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  • purple_monkfishpurple_monkfish Posts: 1,366
    Yep, we're planning a 3pm ceremony and then a hog roast so no sit down meal for us either. Then we'll have the band come on and there shall be much dancing.. hopefully anyway. And the booze shall flow and ther shall be cake and everyone will have a good time lol

    We're going for the more informal party sort of approach, it's more US. lol.
  • MonkeysBrideMonkeysBride Posts: 2,013
    Hey lovely ladies, your receptions are exactly what i want, do you mind me asking how much your wedding and reception are costing you.
  • pink81ukpink81uk Posts: 305
    Our total budget is about 7k not including honeymoon. The reception itself is costing about 3k including reception drinks, toast drinks (Asti) and about £400 worth of additional alcohol. We're putting some wine on tables and then about £200 bar fund, first come first served sort of thing, but the idea being it's for pints for the blokes. Will make a jokey sort of announcement about that at the end of our speeches.

    I'm sure you could do the whole thing a lot cheaper overall, but we have splurged on a few things for our ceremony like the venue and a string quartet. Yes, we want to celebrate with our family and friends and give them all a good time, but at the end of the day the ceremony itself is the most important thing to us so we decided to spend more on that theoretically and have a less formal, less expensive reception afterwards.

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  • JetsetukJetsetuk Posts: 173
    Hi, we are also having a 4pm wedding. We have invited 100 guests to the church and then we are having champagne and canapes whilst we have speeches. From 7pm onwards we have invited another 150 guests to join us for a BBQ and a band to dance the night away. (We get married on the 2nd August too mrswaighttb). Everyone i speak to think a 4 pm wedding is a great idea and it has got us cheaper wedding cars as they are able to do one wedding earlier in the day before coming to ours. I got them for half price!
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    My budget is 6 grand. That is how much I have to spend so it certainly can't be any more. We have about 150 guests but that includes the little ones.
    Hi - were getting married at 4pm next April. We are having a Church Wedding. Everyone that is invited to the church is invited to the evening too, so we are going straight into the evenign reception, which is a hot cold buffet with the wedding cake as pudding.

    We're still going to have favours and table decorations. we're not havign a top table as such but a big table for our close family and friends and then everyone can sit where they like (saves all the complicated arguments)

    We're definitly going for the party feel more than the formal sit down and I can't wait !!

  • Monkey35ukMonkey35uk Posts: 673
    This is the plan but nothing's booked yet, hopefully 3-4 o'clock wedding in a little village church, then walk to my sisters house (about 2 mins from the church) for a buffet/huge party in a marquee in her back garden. It's2nd time round for both of us and have both done the sit down meal in a hotel type thing, so just wanted a big celebration with all our favourite people.

  • DawnskyukDawnskyuk Posts: 129
    Our ceremony is at 4.30 but we are cramming everything into the evening do! We are having a sit down meal after the ceremony, then drinks and evening DJ/Karaoke. We want an informal style so we're not doing the whole top table and line up thing, its just that the wedding meal was so important to us. We are also having a buffet about 9.30 - I don't think its needed really but I'm not arguing with my Mrs!

    44 days to go! Yay!

  • our ceremony is at 4.30, then champagne and photos, onto boats from the hotel's jetty for more champagne and a trip round lake windermere, then inside for hot buffet (no cake, formal speeches etc) and dancing! 60 days to go xx
  • prinnyukprinnyuk Posts: 130
    Hi BecWilliams2B, were getting married at 4 pm too.were not having a sit down meal either. After the ceremony & church we go to the evening reception

    For the church guests we are having a welcome drink of bucks fizz & pop for the kids about 6ish Have a chat with people & then at 7pm our evening guests arrive. We' l open the buffet for 8.30. after we've eaten we'l do our first dance & cut the cake. We'l give our wedding party gifts & say thank you's & then party!

    Everybody has said what a great idea...keeps costs down.
  • Cardiff_msCardiff_ms Posts: 251
    were having 4pm too! I love the ida of a later wedding, we are geting married in castell coch which is very close to where we live so the service lasts till 4.30 then theres all the photos so probably get to the reception venue (which is the pub that we run - marquee in the garden) for a small champagne reception for the guests who we at the ceremony - all 24 of them ha ha. then evening guests hopefully arrive at 7, speaches at 7.30 leading into the first dance at 8pm (just before the photographer leaves hopefully) then there dancing, alcohol and hopefully a hog roast!

    Im really looking forward to the whole day though, as during the day i can do the table decorations and spend ages getting ready with my girlies there drinking champagne and hving a good laugh! plus it gives the boys time for a round of golf which should keep them out of trouble lol! best of luck with all your plans ladies!!
  • RRadford84RRadford84 Posts: 811
    Hi all,

    Everyones plans sound amazing! You don't need to spend a lot to have a day to remember.

    Monkey Button: Our budget for the whole she-bang is £8,000. Inc. honeymoon! The reception itself is costing about £1,800 inc DJ as we are just having a hot/cold buffet in a large function room that is the perfect size for our HUGE family!! There are extras like balloons and table decorations that I haven't added on there but I expect to pay about £200 from what I have been quoted.

    We have spent most of our money on the photographer because after it is all over,pictures will help you remember your special day! We have splurged on the honeymoon aswell, it will be our last holiday as a couple as we are starting a family soon after the wedding!

    I think the cost depends on where you are from aswell. I'm near Notts so I expect things will be a little cheaper up here than say in Kent...!

    Where is everyone else from?

    x x x
  • swimmer31ukswimmer31uk Posts: 105
    I am from Essex, getting married this September. We have our ceremony at 4pm, then photos and drink from about 4.30 until 6, then we'll go inside and do our informal toast, 6.30 - 7.30 mingle with our day guests, 7.30 evening guests begin to arrive, 7.45 first dance the at 8pm bring on the buffet.

    We are paying about £3000 which includes the ceremony room, room hire for evening do, bridal room for the night, and food and reception drinks.
  • DawnskyukDawnskyuk Posts: 129
    I am from South Cumbria but I am getting married in Glasgow, my w2b's hometown. I think we are getting a better deal for things in Glasgow, the Lakes can be expensive. Although having said that, our main costs are photographers and rings coming to about £5000, we would have had those where ever we had our ceremony.
  • fish92fish92 Posts: 1,337
    heres another one.

    We are getting married at 12.30 at our local lovely reg office as its been re-furbed and lovely.

    Then evening reception is at 7.15 with a massive buffet, caracaturist ,DJ.karioki and photos, dancing cake cutting and loads more.
  • xmasnursexmasnurse Posts: 147

    we were going to have a very small event of ceremony at 4pm at hotel then sit down meal for 20 but the more we think about it- there are lots of people who we have known for ages who we would like to come. Now we have decided 4pm wedding, drinks and nibbles for about 20-30 people then lancashire hot-pot buffet etc for about 50-60 in the evening. Disco being done by friends fella (but still have to pay £100 to venue for not using theirs!). think we will have informal speeches and cake at about 9, when we have both chilled a bit! budget- about £1400.
  • JetsetukJetsetuk Posts: 173
    Wow Cardiff ms, Castell Coch is soooo beautiful, I envy you getting married in such a fairytale setting. Good Luck.
  • Me and my husband to be are just at the planning stages and we have also thought about a late registry office and then a big party.It seems to be what a lot of people do now. Mainly because money is tight and we don't want to wait too long. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do to make or help people to enjoy the celebrations? Thanks. Ie if if it is just a buffet evening do you need to provide a lot more on top. Should you also provide 1 drink for the toast for everyone? 

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