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I`m having a creamy yellow and sage green colour theme for my wedding in August. Is anyone else having the same? Would be nice to share ideas about flowers and decorations! x


  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    Sounds a nice combination, cool in the hot summer weather (hopefully in the UK eh!).

    The only thing I would be careful of is that yellow roses signify jealousy, so if you are superstitious then you might want to steer clear of roses when planning your flowers.

    Kathy x
  • Thanks for the tip, but I'm Christian so don't believe in superstitions! Have a good New Year xx
  • utopian99utopian99 Posts: 530
    we're having black/white and a bit of pale yellow, also in august... what i've seen looking really lovely and summery (but cheap) is bowls or urns/floerpots filled with heaped lemons - if you want sage green in you could get bushy foliage to mix inbetween the lemons to give textural contrast?
  • sarahpikesarahpike Posts: 115
    I'm also having yellow as I am having sunflowers in my bouquet. I thought I would have a gold and ivory theme, with the sunflowers as an accent.
  • im getting married in august and having green and pale orange as the colours. the bridesmaids are wearing orange (like an apricot/mango colour), the men are having green ties and all the flowers will be both orange and green.
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    I'm getting married in July and my theme is yellow, ivory and vintage gold. By bouquet is going to be yellow calla lillies and yellow cymbidium orchids with sparlky pins in them to add some sparkle. My bridesmaids will have yellow orchids. My table centres will be yellow calla lillies, and i think for the other deco flowers I will have all shades of yellow, mango and orange. I'm also christian and don't believe in superstition, a colour is a colour, a lot of Brides are having black, which is believed by most to be an ominous colour, I don't see why not yellow.

    I think yellow a sage would be beauitiful. Another bride i know had turquoise and brown and yellow and it looked fab. image:\)

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  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    Im having green and gold as my colours.

    Lemon is lovely.
  • I'm having sunflower yellow as my colour. The BM dresses are yellow duchess satin & the men will have cravats to match. I want to have small sunflowers in my bouquet (not sure what else with them yet)

    I saw a picture of a bouquet of sunflowers, yellow lilies, orange/coral gerberas & bear grass so may add orange in to my theme image
  • I'm having a late july wedding and I'm pretty sure that my colours will be yellow, soft greens and creams/whites.

    Yellow has been my favourite colour all my life. I'm atheist, so I'm not bothered by supersitions either. Yellow roses - yum. I really love David Austins English roses - I'm thinking of buying some for my mother's garden so I can have them for my bouquet. Gorgeous smell and big romantic flowers..
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    What shade of yellow are you having? If its bright yellow you could have a daisy theme. Very pretty. Confetti have some good ideas. My h2b quite often gets me yellow roses because I love the colour

    Just noticed that you said creamy yellow so maybe not daisies. Roses will be beautiful though.

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  • I've seen amazing pictures of bouquets which are made up almost entirely of yellow roses, absolutely stunning.
  • im having lemon and burnt orange, have made little silver buckets with orange and lemon flowers in them to go on tables, look wonderful.very sunny and happy colours.
  • AishaukAishauk Posts: 203
    I am having sunflowers with a yellow/green/brown theme - not sure which combination trying to get an earthy colour tone with a wood/natural feel.....any ideas appreciated! !!! ( i liked the idea of the yellow/burnt orange too.......)
  • im having yellow roses, with pink roses. no need to think of them as jealous roses, what have we got to be jealous about???!!! we are marrying the men of our dreams!

  • That's interesting about yellow roses meaning jealousy, I always thought they meant friendship! Oh dear. Beautiful summery colour theme though - it's going to look amazing image
  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    I agree, yellow roses symbolise friendship.

    Yellow is such a fantastic colour - so light, airy, fun, bright, summery and fresh!! Go for it girls!!
  • Annabel3Annabel3 Posts: 8 admin

    I love the idea of sunflowers.

  • I'm having yellow fact my whole theme/colour scheme was altered from the original one I had "dreamed" over as a little girl and growing up, purely to be based around these yellow roses (following a personal loss of my horse).


    So now my colour scheme is Navy/yellow/metallics (gold)


    I didn't know the jealousy thing either...although a lot of people were very jealous of my girl who was a prolific winner when we were younger so maybe that's why she liked them!!! image

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