Hi All,

A word of warning to all b2b looking for a DJ.

We booked a company based on feedback and prior conversations with the DJ- wish we hadn't!!

Basically he was pissed- well and truly pissed!! He arrived at the venue at midday from a previous gig and already looked like he had a hangover. By the time I left the venue after decorating at 2.30 he had drank 4 pints and that was just the start. He played mixes most the night and spent more time outside drinking and smoking than at his decks.

Luckily we had given him a very detailed list of the music we wanted and he had prepared, you guessed it, a mix, so that was played most off the night. People couldn't understand what he was saying due to the slurring which was good considering some of the inappropriate comments.

Everyone did have a good time due to our list, but we had numerous comments from guests and the venue were concerned.

If you would like to know more please email me.


Update!! I have slighlty modified this post as the DJ in question (Andy) had the nerve to try to threaten me with going to his solicitor for slander!!! image

He tried to say he was on lemonade all night!! Oddly enough when I've told guests they've all laughed as they can't believe what they're hearing and said they'll be witnesses for us. image I think the video evidence we have as well says it all!!

Some people just can't take the truth!! What a sad individual!!!

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  • kellyanne1981kellyanne1981 Posts: 3,441
    awwwww hun i am so sorry that this idiot decided he wanted to party! i hate the way people dont see the effect of their actions. especially when it comes to weddings.

    have you said anything to him? have you asked for your money back?? compensation??

    kel xx

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  • If he's a member of NADJ (national association) get him reported to them, I'd asked for some compensation for his very unprofessional conduct.
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    That's horrific!

    Make sure you follow this up!

    Glad it didn't spoil your night though!

  • lorrdainelorrdaine Posts: 1,316
    this makes me so worried!!

    i am defo giving a music list so that if things go bad at least it wont be a total loss!!!!!
  • fiona270_1fiona270_1 Posts: 121
    Hi All.

    Thanks for the replies.

    I just checked and he's not on NADJ.

    We just paid on the night as we didn't want to let it ruin things and he was so wasted it would have been a waste of time anyway. I am going to write comlaint to him though- see if that achieves anything!

    Me pink me- I think the best is to try and get a recommendation from friends or family- unfortunately none of ours ave used any recently.

  • Dear Fiona

    I must say that I'm really disappointed with the comments you've made on the You And Your Wedding website.

    First of all, I may have looked a bit rough as I finished the gig the night before at 3 am and then packed the equipment away, so by the time I got to bed it was about 4

    I had 5 hours sleep and then travelled to your wedding which was a 3 hour drive so anybody that looks perfect after that must be bloody brilliant.

    I set the equipment up, and yes I did have a few drinks as I wasn't booked until 7 and then went for a sleep.

    I returned to you wedding and put on some back ground music on while your guests arrived, and yes it was a mix.

    Nothing really happens at weddings for about 2 hours while guests chat.

    Your caterers doing the pig roast had only cooked the pig for 6 hours and when they started carving, the meat in the middle wasn't cooked.

    And guess what I did, as a trained butcher and have done pig roasts before, gave a hand at carving along with the cook from the venue to serve the cooked meat first

    Your guests would have either had food poisoning or no food for a least another 2 hours if I didn't help.

    Please check with the cook from the venue if you want and I even explained this to the groom.

    Well I certainly won't do this again or any favours for anybody.

    While this was going on I explained this to the band you had, for them to keep it going.

    You try carving a pig roast while it's still cooking, it gets hot.

    The cook from the venue and the girls doing the pig roast thanked me.

    This was why I wasn't at the decks and no DJ stands behind the decks while a band is on.

    And as for you comments on me being pissed is a total load of rubbish as I was drinking lemonade which I supplied my self as I'm not paying bar prices and drove home.

    Not only this I played the music you wanted played so whether you where pissed I don't know but I certainly didn't make any ???????inappropriate comments???????

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