Wooden Fans

Hiya! All...

Can someone please help me?? :\?

I am looking to purchase wooden hand held fans for my guests for my wedding, as I am getting in Cyprus throught they would be a good idea...

.. but I am having big problems finding them.

I would be very grateful if anyone knows of anywhere? I can purchase them from, as I am pulling my hair out looking!!!image:

I would be very grateful for any information.




  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    have you tried ebay? they usually have everything there.....
  • claretweezeclaretweeze Posts: 1,613
    Oriental gift shops, eg: China town in london
  • try www.hansonellis.com, I git mine from there just over £1 each. If you search this site for them though you will get other ideas. Good luck.
  • Hi, also try www.lands-faraway.com I was looking for mantillas on here and they seem to have some good stuff!

    Lou x
  • Here is a link to some wooden fans. Not sure if they are what you are looking for.

  • I've just ordered my wooden fans fro Hanson Ellis. Only wanted 5 so was good I could put chosen number in rather than a set minimum. The fans were cheaper on weddingfavourites but min order was 12. In total X5 fans in P&P/shipping has cost $15.55 which works out to be approx £8!!!! Bargain!!! Will let you know when they arrive & what they're like
  • FANtastica UK sell wooden fans. I think their website is www.fantastica-uk.co.uk
  • Have you looked at www.fanfairuk.co.uk ? I got mine from there for my wedding in Cyprus and they are really good quality, I'm really pleased with them x

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  • fanfair deffo i have just had 7 off them get 1 free too really gud quality

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