Which starter would you prefer?

I wanted to make sure people didn't eat so much that they felt sleepy and not in the mood to drink and dance so I asked the chef to come up with a light starter and dessert as I wanted lamb for the main. He came up with the following:-

S - Crown of melon filled with winter berries and topped with champagne sorbet

M - Rack of lamb with romemary jus, dauphinoise potatoes, vichy carrots and fine beans

Veggie - Spinach, Mushroom and Brie Wellington with same veg as above

D - Trio of Berry Desserts

I originally wanted a creamy soup for starter but thought it might be too heavy. We will be eating at 7.45pm and the dancing with start just after 9.

What would you go for? Melon or soup? I didn't go for melon with parma ham to make things simpler for the chef (it is my Dads hotel and he is paying for all food and staff costs) - this way both meat eaters and veggie only have a different main.



  • Hmm sounds nice but maybe too many berries overall??

    Personally I'd go for soup every time as I don't like fruit starters but the mains sound fab! Sorry I'm not very useful!


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  • Melon melon melon... sounds yummy

    Milly xxxx
  • RIAGRIAG Posts: 75
    The melon sounds lovely and I agree that the soup may be too heavy. However, I also agree with Strummergirl... lots of berries!!!

    Sorry, if I'm making things worse. X :\?
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    have to agree there`s a lot of berries xxxx maybe change the dessert? xx
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    The melon starter sounds fab. Whenever i have soup as a starter esp a creamy one I fll too full and dont fully enjoy the rest of dinner. There are a lot of berries going on though. when is your weddng? are berries a theme?
  • I would go with the soup, and just serve a small amount so its not too filling.
  • Melon with sorbet sounds delicious - definately my choice!
  • No berries is not a theme! Lol! The chef actually said to have a trio of lemon desserts first btu I said change it to berry so maybe I should change it back.

  • I would definitely choose the soup - I don't really like melon for a starter but that's just my personal choice. I don't think that soup is too heavy at all.
  • melon sounds nice but i wud have a small amount of soup maybe a vegetable or ministronie with no bread or try something different, spring roll or crisp salad with onion bahji, just a thought !!
  • go for soup... everyone will be covered in melon and berries whilst they are trying to pry the fruit out of the skin!!! Soup always seems more starterish... what about a non-creamy soup instead??? love the sound of lemon dessert after the lamb - yum!!!x
  • i'd prefer the soup image
  • I'd prefer the soup too, maybe without bread as someone else suggested. I don't love melon but that does sound nice with the sorbet. I wouldn't mind either tbh.
  • im having melon with forest fruit compote. with an option of good old prawn cocktail - was thinking about soup but come on it aint practical - think of it spilling down your guests best clothes or god forbid your dress!!!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    melon. people are more likely to get covered in soup than fruit - why would you be trying to prise it out of the skin - every restaurant I've ever been to has prepared it so you don't have to!

    I wouldn't mind about the berries either - but I like berries - if it were me and the dessert were lemon I'd have to have something to take the taste away after eating it.

    oh, also, I'm not sure why, but at one weding I went to with a lemon dessert, nobody liked it - even the bride (everybody was eating it politely, and being complimentary till the bride mentioned that she didn't like it - then it turned out nobody did).
  • id prefer soup, maybe potato and watercress or carrot and corriander? and serve without bread and in a stylish cup instead of a bowl so ppl won't get to full up on it.
  • MMMukMMMuk Posts: 1,213
    My choice would be the soup.

    As previously mentioned, it doesnt have to be a big serving x
  • small bowl of soup....!
  • lucyf30lucyf30 Posts: 215
    I would prefer soup, try a stock based soup instead of a cream based one, This will make it lighter and like others have said not too big a portion.

    When are you getting married, if it is summer possibly go for melon but autumn or winter I would prefer soup.

    Hope that helps
  • your choice at the end of the day... does it even have to be soup??? what about something totally different or are those just the choices you have been given???

    tuppence: you must have been to fancier weddings than me cos we've always been given a cruddy half melon (not pulled from skin) that was clearly prepared in advance due to the firm, dry texture on the outside - always amusing watching people trying to get the melon out, but awful all the same. I guess that is my experience of melon as a starter and the reason that I would not pick it.

    Anyway, I digress - if you are allowed other options, the world is your oyster (but maybe not oysters for various reasons!!!)x
  • I'd be worried about having a starter like melon with berries as the berries might roll off everywhere, so maybe melon and just the sorbet? Then it's not berry overload either.
  • Understandably you dont want to make things more complicated for the chef (or more expensive) but i would suggest a light soup rather / or as well as the melon...

    a soup such as a clear chicken and vegetable soup will be tasty and warming without the sluggish feeling.. or even just a vegetable soup seeing as you are having a lamb main!

    i personally prefer a soup as a starter - particularly if i am having a sweet desert so i would suggest giving guests a choice if this is possible!

    maybe mini **shots** of soup - i have seen some in my magasines and they seem like a reli cool and different idea! you could then have them hot with mini croutons or a cold soup like gazpacho (which goes really nicely when served before a lamb dish)

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