IM MARRIED!!!!! with unofficial pics 6/9/08

Omg...the past 2 weeks have been none stop!! Got married 6th September and had the most amazing day of my life despite the weather.

Had a bridezilla moment in the hairdressers in the morning and ended up in tears and had big curly hair instead of the simple straight hair I had in my trial. I was so nervous I was hardly remembering to breath.

My flat was chaos with everyone here trying to get ready and just before bridesmaids were supposed to leave to go to the church we noticed one of them had body oil all over their dress....the service was due to start at 2pm and they didnt leave until 1.50 and the car had still got to come back for me and mum. I was still in jeans at 2pm. h2b had bought me the most amazing necklace as a suprise which had me in tears again....and then when we were just about to leave mum took 2 seconds to stop and actually look at me and said how stunning I looked so then we were both off again!

Eventually got to the church half an hour late so was quickly ushered into the church. Apparently my husband (that is still weird to say!) had got so worried he asked the vicar if he new where we were...the vicar bless him said we had text to say we were stuck in traffic!

From that moment on it all went so fast that I had no time to be nervous or cry anymore. It was amazing and went smoothly. I thought I would be nervous at the end of the aisle seeing everyones faces staring back but instead I got very excited and even ended up waving to my 2 mates from work half way down because I was so pleased to see them lol!

At the drinks reception I had done a funny photo story DVD which went down very well...everyone was in stitches. The speeches were also all suprisingly very funny. We even had my little niece sing us a song like a little star. By the time the meal came around I was way too excited to eat a thing so stayed off the vino for the night.

The sweety bar went down so well too....saw loadsa people tottering off to their room at the end of the night with stripey paper bags in tow so glad we did that.

Yet another thing which went down well was our first dance which we did a less than romantic dance to Bob marley Is this love which everyone thought was cool. The only thing was the best man was supposed to burst the giant exploding balloon above us during it but he was nowhere to be seen and they had lost the pole so the usher had to jump up half way through with the pin from his botton hole. My niece was mortified that the balloon had been popped and made everyone go round with her for the rest of the night to pick up the 100 mini balloons off the floor.

Was glad at the end of the night to get out of my dress which i was pulled so tight into it was killing my ribs.

Anyway i'll stop blabbering now. In short it was amazing and even the small mishaps couldnt spoil it. I felt so special for that day and never stopped beaming from ear to ear. Its just a shame it all goes so quick and that you dont get more time to go around and talk to everyone properly.

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  • Congratulations, lovely photos, glad it all worked out ok despite the disasters getting to church!
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Loved the photo's, glad you had such a great day, congratulations x
  • wow, absolutely fab pics xx
  • they look so nice- blue is my colour too- what flowers did u use? everything looks so nice!
  • The main flowers were the dyed roses and then for the centerpieces the florist just did a mix of white flowers. Glad somebody else is breaking tradition and going for something a bit different with blue. What kind of blue you having? Whens you wedding?
  • 7 weeks and 6 days lol, its a bit like your blue and yours looks soooo nice, im even more excited now. Im having cream flowers with some blue delphimums( cant spell it) but they are really dark and i want something like your colour was thinking about hydrangers (cant spell that either) but cos its in november they might not be able to get them- so i might speak to my florist.
  • hannahjexhannahjex Posts: 1,396
    Congratulations!! Wow, the pics are beautiful, and I love your colours! I'm having purple, so breaking from tradition a bit as well. Congrats again, hun. xx
  • You look beautiful.We are thinking of having blue as the other half is Everton fan.Can i be cheeky and ask where you got the bridmaid dresses from-they are just perfect!!!!x
  • wow you look stunning ! Can I ask where you got your glasses from the ones with sweeties in ? xx
  • Congratulations!! you look stunning.

    Are you wearing Mori Lee 2105??

    It's the same dress I have ordered. Such a beautiful dress, can't wait to wear it.

    Could I also ask which designer are the bridesmaid dresses, They are beautiful.

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  • wow I love your colours and the decor!! I thought about ballons but was worried it would look 'cheap' as I have never seen it before but it looks great!!

    Congrats on the wedding too image
  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    WOW the pics are gorgeous sounds like it was all drama drama to begin with but sounds like you had a perfect day!


  • Thank you so much for all your lovely comments.

    The BMs dresses were Forever Yours which arent too badly priced and just looked lovely. They are dresses they can where again too. These are them but obv in a different colour :-

    Mrs-F-2-B: Yes its the Mori Lee 2105....I love it soooo much and want to wear it all the time....everybody commented on how nice it was with all the detail etc. Im jealous your going to be wearing it soon image

    Danni T - I was sooo worried about having balloons. Alot of ladies on here comment on how tacky they are and how theyd never have them but I have to say the balloon co we used were amazing and mixing it with the tall flower vases on some tables and the balloon weights in table posies on the others seemed to work.
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