Close House Golf and Country Club.....Anyone?


Has anyone considered Close House for their wedding venue? Or Already been married here? Please share stories/ideas with me. Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Ive only been to an evening reception here but it was gorgeous, its a stunning setting and I love how the whole hotel is yours for the day. My mum went to a full wedding here and said the food was fantastic.

    The only reason I didnt book here was due to the lack of bedrooms for guests to stay but I think theyve now extended to something like 20 rooms
  • Hi!

    Ive never been to a wedding there yet, first will be my own. I'm glad you think the food is nice, i haven't tried any.

    Yeah, they have got 20 bedrooms now but its still not many really is it? Where have you booked?
  • I suppose it depends on where your family and friends are from if 20's enough, Id say if they are all local that'd be fine, unforunately it wouldnt of been for us as h2b's family are from London so we need quite a few more.

    The rooms are absolutely stunning, I love the overflowing bath in the bridal suite which has great views over the gardens, I looked at booking for a romantic weekend but it would costs something like 400 pound for two night - maybes for our anniversary or another special occassion!

    Im getting married at Redworth Hall in July - cant wait! Are you thinking of any other vendues? I also looked at Matfen Hall which is gorgeous but didnt suite the number of guests x
  • Well all h2b's family are from Leeds/Manchester and half mine are from Sheffield. But i've decided to go with it anyway cos the staff are so lovely and helpful.

    I looked at matfen hall too!

    Redworth hal is gorgeous, a friend of mine got married there in August. Where in the NE are you from??? x
  • Ah it will be gorgeous! Do you have a definate date?

    Do you have much sorted yet? Id recommend my photographer - 2 tone photography, they are a lovely husband and wife team. Im more or less sorted, ony the small matter of a dress to find! Im meeting a dress maker on Saturday as Ive not been able to find anything after about 10 shops!! :\?

    Im from Consett, how about you? x

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  • Yes, we've booked the 25th April 2008, which doesn't leave me long at all!!! Do you have a date?

    I don't live far from Consett, just down in Chester-le-street.

    Your photographer looks lovely, i don't have one yet. Do you mind me asking what you are paying and what you get for your money?

    I've got a lovely florist, the funky flower co in Houghton-le-spring, they are very good!

    Do you have an idea about what you want your dress to look like??? x
  • 4th of July 09 so a little longer for me!

    We are paying a fee of £600 for their service for the day from me getting ready through to a few dances on the evening they also give you a presentation box with all of the photos they have taken on the day (think they are just 6x4"). The albumns range from around 500 -1000, the one we liked was only about 600 i think for about 40 images. They sell gift vouchers aswell if you ever thought of having a wedding gift list like this (we are opting for thomas cook vouchers though).

    Weve not yet booked the florist but I think we'll go with Claire de Lune in Langley Park, she did a friends wedding and her prices seem really reasonable to most Ive seen.

    Origonally I wanted one of the Jenny Packham dresses but they just didnt feel right on, I love the beading on them so am trying to incorporate that onto a more A line dres - sounds weird but I have an exact picture in mind! Have you been lucky enough to find 'the one' yet? x
  • £600 is quite reasonable compared to some other quotes. One guy in Sunderland quoted me £4500....WHAT?!

    Thomas cook vouchers are a really good idea. Haven't even looked at a honeymoon yet, i'd best get browsing!

    Jenny Packham dresses are very nice, but i went for an Ian Stuart. Its called Tropicana and i love love love it! Have you tried any of his on? They are very nice x
  • Your dress is stunning!! I tried a couple of Ian Stuart dresses on in pronuptia in newcastle but non were quite right for me, they are beautifully made.

    We originally booked to go to Cuba but our flights were cancelled a few weeks ago se we are now booked for Mexico - its definitely the part Im looking forward to most! x
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