How should i arrange the top table?

Right, a bit of background behind the question....I originally had planned to have 3 bridesmaids, (1 CBM and 2 other adult ones) but one got pregnant so decided to step down, which is fine, (cheaper and looks better for the photos with only 2,lol!)

Now I know traditionally the CBM sits at the top table, but if i go ahead and keep my best friend as CBM that means the other bridesmaid (SIL2b) will be sat off the top table and my CBM's h2b will be sat on his own....

So do i take the CBM role away and have both bridesmaids on a different table, or do i have a really long top table and put CBM and SIL2b on it CBM's h2b will still be alone though) then add the Ushers and Witnesses too? (My brother and h2b's BIL) That makes a top table of 12! image

Any advice??? Please??? image


  • ive had the same problem.My chief bridesmaid is sat on the top table and her fiance is just going to sit on a different table. were going to put him on a table with someone he knows and i spoke to my CBM before I did this to see what she thought.

    I dont think it would be great to have a top table of 12. Just speak to your CBM and see how she and her fiance feel about it.

    My other adult bridesmaid knows she wont be sat on the top table, she will be sat with the usher and other child bridesmaid. I think its alright, and everyone seems happy with it.

    Hope this helps xx
  • It's always hard with seating arrangements as you don't wish to offend anyone. I think so long as you ask the relevant people about how they would feel I don't think you will have any problems, plus, I'm sure if you explain it all to them, they will probably agree. Also explain that it will be easier fo you as it organises the other tables too. xxx
  • i agree with Gemz0112, a table of 12 is not a great idea, my maid of honour and pageboy+ flowergirl will be sat on a different table so i'll be having a top table of 6. When is your wedding MrsRadford2Be?
  • I have the same problem, in that we are having 2 best men and one is married and the other has a long term girlfriend (7 years) who may also be a bridesmaid (if I can afford it!) - I think we'll explain to them we want to do things traditionally and have a top table, and do they mind their other halves being sat seperate (next closest table if poss!) and they are very welcome to sit with them if they prefer.

    That way they wither decide to sit seperately, or may decide to sit together but not on the top table so it wont mean top table numbers will be too large!
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    Gu2, i'm getting married on May 4th next year so thinking ahead, i think i'll either just stick to the traditional top table or do the same as you arowland17.... i'd definitely like to steer away from the 12 person top table if i can!
  • I think that you should speak to your CBM and ask her what she would prefer. Top table or fiance? Maybe just stick to parents and bride and groom for top table? People would generally prefer to sit with people they know than be on the top table. Especially if you explain why they are not on the table, but that you would have liked to put them there. I am so lucky, my sister is my CBM and the Best Man is groom's brother. Both of whom are single, so its just mums, dads, me, steve and the two siblings which makes 8. Good luck. communication is the key to happy people.
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