Cup Cakes ideas?? can anyone help??

Hi all,

I have decided to have cup cakes and have seen a few that i like but nothing WOW....

can any of you help?

Mink and coffee brown and roses are my theme.



  • sjm224sjm224 Posts: 644
    Saw some gorgeous ones which were covered with choc and then had red roses all over... you could have mink roses? They were in the wedding cake magazine.
  • lol8256lol8256 Posts: 109
    Hi Nic,

    I did a lot of cupcake research for my own wedding (made my own in the end!). Here are a couple of good sites with lots of pictures/ideas

    If you speak to a good cake maker they will source the right colours for you.

    If you want to chat further, click on the email link.

    Good luck with your search


  • I am having cupcakes but to save money I am making them myself and have found a family friend to make sugar flowers. have a look of for inspiration - they are amazing!!
  • fab cupcakes at
  • I went to the wedding show at Earls court on Sunday and definately the prettiest I saw were by a company called Cupcakes and Bakes....their website is, they were very reasonably priced too and I think if you say you saw them at the wedding show you might get a discount if you are ordering soon!! I made them for my sisters wedding and they went down a treat but I'm not in business yet ;\)

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    the cupcakes and bakes website is good. and yes they are very reasonable too! but these cake companies are always in london and im down in devon! i cant find anything local that isnt really expensive.

    i think i am going to make them myself!!
  • lol8256lol8256 Posts: 109
    Hi Devon Bride,

    Depending on where you are in Devon I might have a solution .... send me an email so we can chat.


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