Just booking our venue - what questions should I be asking??

Hi everyone...

I had a million and one questions running around in my head, but now I actually need to be asking them, I have gone almost blank!!

We are having our ceremony and reception (meal followed by more guests and evening reception) in the same place which is a hotel.

Could anyone give me any pointers on what questions I ought to be asking?

thanks so much

Kirst x


  • MrsSB09MrsSB09 Posts: 816
    This is one I copied from a wedding book for myself. hope it helps.

    1.Does the venue have a civil license?

    2.Does it have an onsite wedding coordinator?

    4.Is there a location fee?

    5.Can wer bring our own alcohol?

    6. How much corkage do you charge?- I'm paying £5 per bottle but some places are as much as £10

    7.What is your package per head?

    8. Are tables chairs and linens included?

    9. Will there be another event on the day? Our hotel books exclusively so it will only be us.

    10.Is there any discount for guests?- If you book early some places offer 10% discount.

    11.Can we let off fire works?

    12. Is there adequate parking?

    13.Is the venue insured?

    14.Will the reception have to end at a certain time?

    15.Are small children welcome?

    16.Is there a cancellation policy?

    17.What is the estimated cost of the venue?

  • bouncy35ukbouncy35uk Posts: 1,416
    i think shelli2185 has it mostly covered!

    1.how about asking if you can have candles if you were planning on having them on the tables?

    2. can you sample your menu before hand and how much extra will it cost if you take say parents with you?

    3.what the check in times are for guests the day before and check out time the next day?

    4.is there a powder room for the bride other than the toilets? (my venue has a seperate cloackroom that my bridesmaids and I will get to use)

    hope some of that helped!
  • Thanks Shelli2185 and bouncy35, thats really helpful! x
  • You may have already done it, and I suppose this is unlikely but: if you are having the ceremony and reception in the same room it might be worth asking if the hotel plan on moving all the chairs from 'ceremony' set up to 'reception' set up, or whether you'll have to do that yourself. Just a thought, probably a silly one!
  • I would add, and just because i am paranoid ...

    1. Can you guarantee all the food is homemade?

    2. Can someone act as toastmaster?

    3. What rules are there on decoration (bluetac etc)

    4. Can you see the venue set up for another wedding?

    5. What tipping/staff rewards are normal?

    6. Do the venue charge for setting up hours?

    7. Do they charge for the hire of things like table number holders, cake stand and knife etc

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi - times are changing in the way in which venues quote for things, some of the most obvious questions are;

    1. do prices quoted include VAT?

    2. do they include staff?

    3. equipment hire?

    4. check what level of public liability insurance bands etc are required to have to perform at the venue

    5. access times are for set-up/delivery of items

    6. whether the person organising the wedding will be there on the day

    7. are you as a couple required to have wedding insurance

    always ask any supplier (cake, photographer, cars etc) whether they are VAT registered/prices quoted include VAT, adding an extra 17.5% to prices quoted makes a massive difference!

    Hope some of these help!

    Kat xx
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