Stacking sponge cakes - will it sag?

Does any one no if a 3 tier sponge cake or chocolate cake will sag if stacked on top of each other? Has anyone had/having a cake like this?



  • My cake maker says that sagging usually only happens if you stack a heavier/denser cake on top of each other so you couldn't have a fruit cake onn top of a sponge cake but ask whoever is making your cake to clarify
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    I am making my own cake and had never thought of that, I reckon that you could probably ask a good cake maker! Let me know if you find anything out!


  • MIL is making mine, we're having a 3 tier chocolate cake covered in white chocolate ganach and white malteesers. We were gong to stack them, American style, but have decided against that now because we just dont want to take the risk of the cake sinking.

    Instead, we are now putting each tier on a floating cake stand which makes life far more easy!
  • As long as you use dowels it will be fine
  • Hmm this is interesting, just found this completly by accident whilst looking for floating cake stands. Apparently, stacked cakes are not really just plonked one on top of the other, this is just an illusion. They are, according to this review, in fact supported by layers of hidden plates and spikes. That actually explains quite a lot!

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  • I went to a wedding recently with a lopsided cake. The bestman had to hold it while photos were taken. It had fruit on top of sponge though (with pillars). The caterers tried to fix it but in the end had to dismantle it before it toppled over!

  • Hahaha

    Thanks Langur-Langur This si great I have added it to my favourites!

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    cake makers use dowels to stop the sagging I think, gives the top layer something to rest on!
  • you should be pretty ok using the rods to support it. we went to a wedding recently where the bride had wanted a really deep sponge cake to each of her tiers so it looked like three presents stacked up. apparently it gave the cake maker a bit of a headache because of the weight using double the mixture, but they assembled it last minute at the venue and it didn't slant or anything even though it was war as she put several rods in the bottom two layers. good luck!
  • As long as you use dowels, it will be fine.

    Here is a quick video to show how easy it really is - but also how necessary!
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