Unusual Wedding Favours

Does anyone have any unusual idea's for Wedding Favours. Id like to be different and not opt for Choccie's or Almonds. I would ideally like something that is unisex (so that discounts bath fklakes etc)

I did think a lottery ticket each, but h2b doesn't approve!!

Any idea's ladies?



  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    my h2b didnt improve either, but think was more incase someone won after he'd bought ticket!!!! What time of year you getting married?
  • i read on here someone has done a charity pin badge along with some sweets or similar

  • I'm going to be giving my guests plants which i'm growing in little pots which i'll be decorating. possibly giving the boys chilli plants and the girls flowers but haven't decided fully yet!

  • i'm giving my female guest breast cancer pins (£1 each so good vaue) and the men one of those wristbands for a certain charity ( when I have decided which one) and I'm going to attach a little poem I thought up to explain why they are having them.
  • we're giving a mini cupcake from 'treacle' on columbia road (they have a website). All the cakes are decorated differntly and look really cute
  • ellamellam Posts: 10
    Hi, I'm having an outdoor country wedding and for the womens favours I found a selection of flower seed strips in a pretty little packets. Im thinking of having a mini tombola for the men and putting a little number in an envelope at the place setting, doing a draw during the best mans speech and then having a couple of really cool gifts rather than lots of little cheap ones. I know that means some people wont get anything but its the same idea with a lottery ticket. Mens favours are so much harder to choose than womens!!!
  • Leigh...im getting married at Easter (and my H2B is ALSO worried someone would win from the Lottery ticket!)

    I love the Tombola Idea! That is fantastic, and think I may steal that idea! Thankyou all so much- I love this site

  • I just got some lovely winter winestoppers, favour selection is great from chillipig
  • I wouldn't buy off Chillipig out of principal because they spell "favour" the American way (ie the wrong way) ;\)

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  • Hi I have two unusual favours,one are wind up paper butterflies that have our wedding date and names on. They have a rubber band on them so they can be wound up, then placed in napkins.

    Once the napkin is unfolded it flaps out.

    We are not winding them up too much for anyone with heart problems for fear of heart failure though!lol

    The others are just for the ladies, our theme is roses so have ordered some roses made out of ribbon from a company called weddingcraft.

    Have just ordered them so have no idea yet how they will turn out but they look great on the website!
  • clarezilla - the butterfly idea is brilliant. I can just see the surprise and laughter as everyone opens their napkins. what a magic moment
  • MummyJCMummyJC Posts: 902
    We're doing clic charity pin badges in repayment for their good work with our friends little boy!!

    we are putting sweets on the tables too though.
  • Thanks nadia!

    I saw then on a programe on wedding TV and had a huge Bridezilla moment of having to have them!

    Hopefully they willmake our guests laugh and be a talking point, the kids should like them too. In fact I have had to limit the amount my daughter played with them!image
  • Hi,

    for my favours im giving money to cancer research uk in return ypu get a pin badgge of your choice and a little card which reads " a donation has been made on your behalf to celebrate the wedding of ......... to ............ you can also have in memory wrote on the botton and a loved ones name but i didnt want to do that. my h2b and myself loved the idea of these as cancer has affected both of our families and more so recently when i lost my grandad , i think they mean so much more, there lovely as well as helping towards a worthwhile cause
  • Clarezilla

    I remember seeing the wind up butterflys on wedding tv - they are great.

    Can you tell me where you bought them from?




  • i like the idea of little packets of seeds, people can then grow them and think of your wedding day
  • Hi mrsbobby2b!

    I had to order them from Canada beleive it or not, but the lady who makes them is really good.

    Fluttering details I think she is called.

    I got them ages ago but can dig out further info if you are interested?

  • Thanks Clarezilla

    I will have a look into it and come back to you if I need any more info

    Thanks very much x:\)
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    clarezilla have you worked out how to fold the napkin so that it holds them in. Wanted to get these myself but wasn't sure how.
  • We have had a play about with them.

    Napkins folded into a rectangular shape should be sufficient.

    If you dont wind them up too much they should stay in them.

    I hope!image
  • Ladies- email address for the Flying Butterflies is: [email protected]
  • ooh my mum put one of those butterflies in my birthday card one year. I almost died of shock when it flew in my face as she's wound it up rather a lot! In the end we were both crying with laughter

    We thought about fortune cookies as favours - you can choose which fortunes and they're pretty cheap
  • I was keeping this to myself until the last minute, but I am having an autumn theme in (eek) 22 days, and I have decided to do conkers as favours. They're free and we can get a competition going with them!
  • Im also having an autumn wedding (9days!!!). My Hsb's family is Irish so we have a bit of a Irish theme running throughout the wedding - orange white/ivory and green also match autumn colours aswell as the Irish flag. For favours the ladies have grow your own shamrock, and the men have mini Irish whisky. I have also done the children boxes with Irish sweets, shamrock ballons, and puzzle books. We also have a few babies so they have Irish beanie baby teddies.
  • Malone to be

    Please tell me where you got all your stuff from

    My other half is irish and i've been flummoxed how to get irish stuff into the wedding - using a bit of green at the moment but that's about it!

    BTW good luck - I've got until February so can't even imagine how you are feeling
  • I baked heart shaped cookies and piped each guests name on, so they doubled a place settings too.

  • Im having little chocs with our names and date on them, but they are not the favours.

    On the back of the table name we are explaining that we are not giving favors we are donating that money to cerebral palsy charity through www.justgiving.com in memory of my h2b's brother.
  • Think pink - I LOVE the cookies! Wish I could make them!
  • Thinkpink your biscuits look brilliant! So expensive and professional-looking. At the moment Ikea have gingerbread heart biscuits that are quite big and would make great favours, 55p for 10 - bargain!

    Jackie if you're getting married at Easter, how about small easter eggs? Maybe decorative ones with your names and wedding date on?

    Our wedding is 4 days before Christmas so we're having gold baubles as favours, with a ribbon through them and the date of the wedding on xx
  • Thinkpink i love your biscuits, how long did they take you?
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