Is this normal??


I am in the process of booking a band for our 'evening do' and in the paperwork that we have from the hotel, they have stated that any 'professionals' that we employ must have the appropriate public liability insurance. Just wondered if anyone else has had this too?


  • Hi i don't think our reception demands it but it is something that we have checked that everyone we have hired to be here on the day has, most bands etc will probably have public liabiliy insurance anyway

    hth x
  • our reception venue says we need this for a dj too.
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    public liability insurance is an absolute essential - I wouldn't hire anybody without it.

    I have to have it for doing trade fairs, and I've made sure we have it ourselves for the wedding.

    just makes sure you're covered should anything happen and the injured party decide to sue.

    I'm surprised they're not insisting on a full set of risk assessments too.
  • When my cousin got married last year, the hotel wouldn't let the disco in because they didn't have any public liability insurance. She got really upset. The hotel managed to phone around and get someone else to do it but he didn't have her first dance music.

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  • this is totally normal and my hotel has requested it. every DJ and band will have one hun otherwise dont hire them!! its a real essential and peace of mind xxx
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    i think its a real shame that as time has progressed all the rules and regs that have come along with it!

    gone are the days when your friends and family would turn up to a "do" to help you celebrate without actually worrying if they had an accident now all you hear is "you can SUE if you have an accident" i think its VERY SAD i bet brides in years gone bye didnt have this extra worry!
  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm really glad that I read the small print before going ahead and paying a deposit. I'm just waiting for a reply from the band confirming that they have the appropriate insurance, otherwise it will be onwards and upwards with the search for the perfect band!
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