Clough Manor, Denshaw


Just to let you know that Clough Manor is having a Wedding Fayre on Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. It has also been called one of the the cleanest and most hygenic hotel,bar and resuatrant in North West

I am getting marriedhere in Dec. Yeah!!!!!


  • hey melaniejane, thanks for the info, think i'll def go and check it out! Good news about the hotel being most hygienic, i'm booked for 2010 and really excited, can't wait to see some photos from any other weddings there!!
  • Hello!!

    I went there too today!! I am getting married there in april 2010. where are you from?? im from littleborough.

  • i'm from littleborough too! Went up today, looked really good seeing the room set up with all the different table settings, getting married there august 2010!
  • Just wanted to say Smithy Bridge girl here! But now live in Shawclough with the fiance image
  • hahaha i have been looking for ages for people getting married at clough manor! and you are both from littleborough!! im 23 and live in dearnley. sazzyuk when are you gettign married there??


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