Top Table

How are people decorating the top table i have now decided birdcages for the other tables but what could i do with the top table.

My theme is butterflies with ivory, blue and silver should i just have flowers or something else to go with it or have a bird cage on the top table.

laura x


  • It's probably not going to be help, but we're probably not going to decorate ours much. I expect we'll have flowers, but I don't expect them to be the same as the other tables. Our venue provides the top table flowers - so we get a say in colour and that's it.

    I like the idea of the birdcage though - is your top table big enough?

    We have 6 people on our top table, and there won't be much room for anything else apart from the low table arrangement
  • if you are having a flower arrangement for the top table you could have this placed in the centre of the table hanging slightly over the front and you could then add swags and bows to the front of the table, this will also allows all members of the top table to be seen from all angles by your guests.

    Hope that helps a little...
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