reception venue near Hastings / Brighton with a view of thes

We are looking for a venue that is romantic and holds up to 100 people fo ra meal. Ideally with a view of the sea. Due South in Brighton would have been perfect but it is too small. We hate Azure in Hastings and dont like cooden beach hotel. Both lack any atmosphere.

Are we asking too much? Can anyone help. We live in Hastings and wanted to get married there but are looking further afield now


  • I'm guessing The Grand is a bit expensive?
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    sorry for taking so lomg to reply i went away for the weekend. Havny checked out the grand. Is that in brighton or eastbourne?

    Will look it up, thank you

  • Try Oh So Social on Brighton seafront. It's just a bar but has incredible views and is right on the beach. It's also super cheap. Really lovely. Had my 30th birthday there and it was excellent. A friend of a friend had their wedding there and said it was amazing.
  • Drakes in Brighton is a fab hotel, if you wanted near Hastings then the De La Warr pavillion is the most amazing art deco building.

    Good luck!
  • Double post!

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    I'd avoid both Grand Hotels to be honest - that's Eastbourne and Brighton! Have you tried the Hotel du Vin in Brighton?
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