How did you decide on your colours? I'm stick between two, and not sure what'll go if partner wearing kilt (tartan one)?/


  • im getting married at Christmas and really wanted a christmas theme but im not a big fan of red, gold or green! I wanted wintery type colours so obviously white is going to play a big part, i also saw a lovely bridesmaid dress in saphire blue and silver compliments both white and blue, so there you have it, silver, white and blue for me!!
  • Bright red and purple! Slightly unconventional but hey, that's us!
  • my faourite colour is blue so had to have a blue theme and were having a lot of silver and ivory cus it goes so well so thats how we came up with our colour scheme. it also goes with our theme of butterflies.
  • I love red roses so guess what my theme and colour is?!!!! LOL! Very simple, but I love it. I think anything goes though really. You could pick out one or a few colours combined from the tartan or go completely the other way and just pick your fav colour. As long as it's what you and your h2b wants, who cares. And I bet it'll look great, whatever you choose.

    Good luck! x
  • You mention two colours that you're 'stuck' on and that your H2B is wearing a kilt. Do your colours feature in the kilt?

    If you can tell you your colours (including your dress colour!) and the tartan we can help a little bit more - you may be able to use both colours!
  • Hi Girls

    Somehow we have ended up deciding on purple & silver for our colours - I thin it had something to do with Cadburys chocolate!!!
  • Im going for black n Gold, had too add the black as gold was too close a colour to my dress, look really elegant!
  • I love all colours so oculdn't decide, so have gone for a brightly coloured theme!! I'm going to have a bouquet of bright oranges, yellows, purples pinks and white etc, as many different flowers as poss, then have each table named and decorated in one of the flower types/colours - it'll all by on a white background, and the bridesmaids have decided on pale/leaf green.
  • cranberry red and ivory for me as the red is on my dress. really want cranberry red and firey orange but been voted against on that one!
  • My H2B kilt is mainly red with a forest green check; however my bridesmaid is a fab red head and wouldnt look good in red! So her dress is a rusty green colour which looks really good on her; even though its not in the kilt its a great contrast againts the kilt. I guess you either go with a colour in the kilt if you want to match that or a contrasting colour all together

    Have fun choosing
  • Hi

    We are hiring our kilt's from debenhams they have

    a lovely Grey Argyll one and also got it in black.

    So no bright kilt colours to worry about.

    Are colour theme is Ivory & champagne gold

    with vintage coloured flowers in pale peaches,pale pinks

    & creams,but mostly peach, to go with the mens gold cravats.

    What colour's is in h2b's kilt?

    Mi x

  • MrsS to beMrsS to be Posts: 2,635
    Well we are going for a winter wedding and I didnt want red... my bro had red when he got married so want something different..

    Can only really think of neutrals like, ivory and gold/champagne, mink.

    I am having two grownup bridesmaids too so can't put them in anything too typically bridesmaidy... so

    I did think of black and gold... but not sure what to have in black? apart from the bridesmaid dresses..

    All the other colours are a bit summery arent they..

  • My daughter is looking at silver, there are many shades from the bright to the dark (almost pewter) and some gorgeous dresses!

  • We are going for black and white as it is simply but classy. Might brighten it up thou with hot pink. x
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