Lumley Castle?

Is anyone else having ceremony or reception at Lumley Castle, Durham? I love the place but starting to wonder why everyone keep asking 'why Lumley Castle'? I have fallen in love with it right away.. yes a little old but it's full of history and character.

Would really appreciate your comments, both good or bad if you have been there, had wedding there etc..


  • I've stayed at this hotel, it's lovely and especially if you want something with a little bit of character.
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    My friend gets married there in 2 weeks time and my h2b plays in his band there about twice a month. Both only have good things to say about the place! It is fantastic castle i love how they have it all lit up on a night time with the green lights! It looks amazing.
  • I was going to, but i didn't like the steep steps from the hall to the dungeon, and thought it was too small for a disco. Its a lovely castle tho.
  • Hi i have been to a work xmas party there and it was lovely, it looks great and there is plenty of places for good photo opportunitys,

    it totally up to you where you want to hold your wedding, maybe you should go back and have a second look around.

  • We nearly held our wedding there, theres just something about the place, we actually decided on Seaham Hall, must admit we found the staff at Lumley generally unfriendly. (Maybe they were having a cr#p day - who knows)
  • Have been to weddings at both Seaham and Lumley and personally much preferred Lumley. It was beautiful with loads of character and the photos were stunning.
  • I have never been but it looks stunning and ive heard lots of good things about the place. I am hoping h2b will take me there one day. its soooo beautiful
  • im getting married there and having the banquet reception there. the only bad thing i have heard is people complaining about the price but it is such a unique venue and is so beatiful espesh for photos. the staff are a bit stuck up, we went to view it and i was wearing my scruffy stuff and they spoke to us a bit like crap cos i dont think they expected us to book it but since we have they have been great even though i changed the date twice! we also get a free stay in one of their top rooms on the night which is great!
  • Hi girls!

    Very much appreciate all your comments. To be honest, I feel much better now knowing this place has more good feedback than bad.

    I have been Lumley Castle twice, have stayed there and dined there, generally very pleased with the service so I guess it's agood sign!

    Do you guys know this place is haunted?
  • yer it is and is some of the spookier rooms they have books that u can write your ghost sightings in and read what other guests experienced staying in the rooms. my dad suggested i treat myself and stay there on my own the night b4 my wedding and said they would bring the hairdresser etc to me but i quickly said no! i would never stay on my own!!
  • Oh wow.. are you staying in the King James Suite Mrs T2b? We have seen it, it's absolutely beatiful! But my H2B isn't too keen as it is too big for his liking! (lol) We are only staying in one of their featured room for 2 nights.

    So what are the spookier rooms do you know?

    From my experience, the staff are very friendly but our 2nd meeting with one of the wedding coordintor (I won't name names) I feel rather uncomfortable, she was very business-like (that didn't put me off tho as I have already fallen in love with this place) My H2B just sat back and let me dealt with all the negotiations, how dare him!
  • that sounds the wedding co-ordinator we saw when we looked at the place, she was very business like and kept us waiting 15 mins, then went on to complain that we were late. WE WERENT. Anyway i was put off, lovely venue though
  • Not until Sept next year.. ages to go yet!

    Beamish Hall looks stunning!
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