How to to liven up centrepiece?

I am having a large (30cm) goldfish bowl on a 40cm round mirror. There will be votive candles in clear holders on the edge of the mirror and then in the vase there will be tealights in floating glass holders. Tried it out last night and it looks great except the expanse of water under the floating candles with nothing going on. Our colour scheme is black and white - any ideas what to put in the water?



  • could you dye the water either black or white to keep it simple - sounds stunning. where've you got the mirrors from?

    or, could you get coloured stones? can't think of anthing....
  • Coloured bits of glass (I can't remember what they are called) They look like litle round glass pebbles.

    Or try dying the water black? Be careful with the cnadles though, as they might set the dye on fire.

    You could always make it slightly less water in the bowls, that way it'll be more balanced.
  • The glass pebbles are a great idea, I think they sell them at IKEA or if not most garden centres should have them in all sorts of different colours. I do know someone who used tiny black (dark blus) and white fish for a party once! and it looked really cool! They were given to the kids of guests afterwards as pets so they went to a good home.
  • Not sure about the fish thing, the water will be tainted with fish erm, 'poo' as the day goes on, not a pretty sight! And you'd need to be sure that you had good homes for them afterwards.

    If you've got candles around the tabe, do you need tealights in the vase, could you not put flowers (silk?) in there in your colours?

    Added because I found this warning on a suppliers website whilst looking for vases myself;

    These vases must not be used with floating candles. If used with pillar candles, the candle should be considerably shorter than the height of the vase - i.e., so that the flame is in the lower half of the ball, well away from the sides.

    Worth checking with your supplier?

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