Wedding Buffet ideas please


my daughter is getting married next year, unfortunately with the credit crunch, we are doing a lot on a tight budget.

As the wedding is mid afternoon, we thought we could do a wedding buffet tea rather than a meal.

I still want to do the sit down bit as my daughter wants the speeches, so I thought about various salads, maybe with cold meats and a cheese tierd cake . Also planning to put lots of assorted rolls on the table.

it would mean thay guests have to get up and help themsleves before sitting down.

I am doing the food myself as well as the flowers and table arrangements.

We have the reception from the evening before, so I can lay tables and put out centerpieces, but time on the day will be tight for food preperation. There is a big fridge at the recption and a fabulous kitchen which we are allowed to use, so I maybe could prepare some things the night before to leave in the fridgr until the next day?:\?

Can anybody advise me on some cheap and easy salds, and also how to make it all look special without taking up too much time.


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