Booked our venue yey!!!!

Hi girls

We went yesterday to all these different venues in the forest of dean and weve booked for 14th August 2010! im so excited, were having ours in a marquee, it was beautiful when we walked in.

whats the next thing we need to start planning?

any suggestions would be helpfull ive got no idea what to do next?


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  • Congratulations! It's so exciting when you've booked the venue. It makes it seem more real some how. You may want to start looking for a photographer soon if you're having one. For me, finding a fantastic photographer was really important coz they will be with you all day taking the pictures that will keep your memories real after the day is over and you have to feel comfortable with that person. I did all my research for everything as soon as I booked my venue so I could get everything I wanted for a price I wanted to pay, so I've got almost everything done except for a few things. Sorry, I've realise since booking my wedding that I'm a bit of a control freak!!

    Hope that helps

    I'm an August 09 Bride too, 29th!!! xx
  • Just looked again, you're 2010 and I'm 2009 but hey, we're still August Brides!

    Gook luck x
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