alternative to canapes please help

hey there

we are having an october wedding and dont really want to serve the usual canapes but instead would love sweets instead

dont know if this would work but i was thinking as its autumn and its october toffee apples and treacle toffee but i'm clueless after them two please can someone give me some ideas of sweets and snacks that fit in with the autumn theme.

and just one more thing, this may seem pretty dim of me but at which point of the wedding do you serve the canapes (i'm new to all this)

please help!!!!


  • Canapes are usually served with a drink after the ceremony while your photos are being taken. As it's before your reception you don't want to fill your guests up too much!

    I haven't decided what I'm doing either cos the canapes are expensive but was thinking of having nibble trays served instead just to keep people going.

    Can't think of any suggestions for Autumn though...sorry.x
  • If you wanted something snacky that isn't too messy for your guests and that is a bit savoury, then how about honey cashew nuts, they're gorgeous!

    The only thing I would say is whether you want sweets before your meal? But its up to you honey, sounds great to have an autumnal theme!
  • I dont think guests will be too fussed on trying to eat toffee apples whilst getting pics done? why not just have crisps, nuts, pretzels?
  • We are serving bitesize cupcakes, allowing two for each guest + some extras. Something small to keep people going and won't fill them up too much before the lovely 5 course meal
  • were having dipped strawberres for our canapes we thought that this would be nice for a spring wedding!!!
  • Little squares of Parkin, as it's halloween month. Read some where, they had Vodka jelly shots. Now thats getting the party started! lol!
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