am i unorganised??

hi, i was talking to my mil2b yesterday about the wedding and she was asking lots of questions. i tend to keep plans to myself because all i get is criticism about how much things cost. anyway mil2b said that she thinks i'm really unorganised and my bil2bs have been saying the same because they 'haven't even had an invitation yet' and 'don't know what suits to get'. i was quite shocked as we don't get married until 18TH JULY and i thought i was doing well with my plans. i haven't decided my colour scheme yet which is holding up me making my invitations but i thought i had plenty of time.

thing is, shes got me worried now. but surely i don't need to be sending invites already??



  • They say you should send invites out 2 months before the wedding. I think that would be leaving it a bit late, ours went out about 4 months beforehand.

    I know a lot of people send save the date cards which you could do if you felt that worried about it but I certainly wouldn't be stressing about invites just yet.

    Hope that helps xx
  • That's ridiculous. Of course you shouldn't have invites out yet. Traditionally it should be 6-8 weeks but as you are getting married in the summer like us I'd put them out a bit earlier (we're planning to do ours over Easter). As long as the people you definately want there know the date you're fine. Perhaps you could do 'save the date' cards with your xmas cards just to keep her happy. And as for not knowing what colour suit, what does that matter unless they are part of the bridal party and if they are presumably your H2B will sort them out when he does himself.

    Don't panic. Sounds to me like she's just having a go for the sake of it. Someone will have said something narky about "we don't even know when this wedding is" and it will have spiralled from there. Sounds to me like you've got it covered x
  • Hi miss_july.

    I dont think you're un-organised at all! Im getting married on 18 September and my Mum's nagging me about colour schemes too. There's no need at all to send out invites yet (unless you're marrying abroad, so people can save etc). Ours are going out in May, only because the hotel need final numbers 6 weeks before.

    We've told the men in our party the style of suit they'll be wearing as FIL2B is a pain in the bottom and 'doesn't see why he neds to hire a suit when he already has a perfectly good one!'.

    People organise weddings within a few weeks so I wouldnt start panicing just yet!
  • We sent save a date cards purely as our wedding falls in the school holidays.
  • My H2B family have been hassling me about invites ever since we got engaged. Our invites are going out end of Oct for a Feb wedding - bit early cos of Christmas in between! Personally I think it's a bit presumptious that some of H2B family (cousins etc) have booked hotels when they haven't actually been invited yet or told that they will be!!

  • Not at all! I'm getting married in December and my hand delivery invites are still in my hand bag (in case I bump into someone). I sent out a save the date email (a Pdf card) as soon as we knew the date in February this year because our wedding is the the summer (in south africa) and people will need to travel (my relatives are in the uk) and its close to christmas. Just let people know when it is if they are invited and say invitations will follow,,,

  • i ams ending my invitations out next weekend and we are tieing the knot January 3rd!!!!
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    Ignore her she sounds miffed as your not telling her your plans.

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