Disposable Cameras on tables???

Hi All,

Is everybody having disposable cameras on their tables? Im not sure? will people take proper photos?

Look at this shop on ebay, they have every colour and theme imaginable for disposbales and not expensive either! xx



  • I am going to set up an online photo account (photobox or something similar) and passout the log in details to guests so they can upload their photos and view everyone elses. That way you get better photos.....the ones on disposable never come out great....and it saves money too!!!
  • I'm not sure if I'm going to have them or not.

    It's a really nice thought, as so much happens that we're totally unaware of, but every wedding I've been to that has had these cameras, we've not really taken any! Most guests bring they're own cameras nowdays, and you can't garantee the quality of the camera's or the photo's.

    My mum and h2b don't think they're worth getting, but I'm still undecided!
  • If you are going to use disposable cameras I would advise you get more expensive well known brand ones as the wedding ones you get on websites are never very good.

  • TherasaukTherasauk Posts: 1,090
    I got a 10 pack from confetti, putting them on tables. Even if only a few are used its better than none.

    I like the idea of photobox though, may look into that.
  • Yea even if only some get used, you might just get a brilliant picture that somebody never would have taken otherwise!

    Plus you can get them to match the colour scheme, which is defo a bonus! You know what us brides are like about things matching! xx
  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    we are as they come with a package that we are going for with our venue! been told not to bother by our photographer as they rarely get used and the pics that you get are crap, but i dont care! they're free (well inclusive) and any pics are better than none
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    I ordered some disposables from confetti on Sat night, but now I'm worried they will be v cheap quality and not v good. I will check out what's on offer at Boots and if they look better, will return the confetti one's.

  • natt07natt07 Posts: 1,680
    max spielman... 3 for 2 so works out £5 each including development
  • 99p each in dunelm at mo, i tried one out recently and yep they worked fine! so thats what ill be having xxx bargain!
  • Another good idea is blank cd's, most people will have digital cameras and can down load their pics and give you the disk. You could label the disks with your address and they could post them back to you.

  • A friend had disposable cameras at his wedding and commented to us that the camera on our table was the only one with any useable pics. Some people took the cameras with them and others just wasted them with silly shots.

    I would go with the disc idea and ask people to share their 'informal' shots with you.
  • I got myself a polaroid camera from Ebay, it was £26 and the seller had only used it for her wedding. I thought people can use it during the meal, take a pic, stick it in the guest book and write a comment. I thought it will keep people entertained between courses/ speeches etc. I also hope it will make its way round the evening guests.
  • A friend set up a group on facebook where guests could share stories & photos which worked really well.

  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    Disposable cameras are nice idea in theory but an awful waste of time and money in reality since you have to add the cost of processing a series of reliably dreadful shots.

    Everyone has a digital camera or camera on their phone these days and these are used with such enthusiasm that most weddings look more like a paparazzi shoot anyway. So get some specially printed blank disks and invite guests to send the best of their pics onto you.
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