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hi there im racking my brains as to what to have for table names our colour is pink and ivory and the theme is butterflys so inned some help on what i could call the tables.


  • you could name them after different butterflies...... do you or your OH have any hobbies/interests/places of travel/fave music/decade/sport etc etc..... my OH races motorbikes around the country so our table names are going to be different race tracks i.e brands hatch, donnington etc.. x
  • How about types of butterflies??
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    What about different shades of 'pink'? I.e. Rose, Cerise, Fuschia etc..
  • well ive been searching for things to do with butterflies but still a blank please help

  • like the different shades of pink idea.. you could also try different pink flowers i.e. rose, peony, carnation etc
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    Painted Lady


    Meadow Brown

    Common Blue
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    Or even the latin names:

    Inachis io

    Vanessa atalanta

    Vanessa cardui

    Gonepteryx rhamni

    Maniola jurtina

    Polyommatus icarus
  • do people think that it will look silly if we had the theme of butterflies but had the tables in either disney caracters or our favourite fun fare rides

    i also thought of national parks

  • I went to a Christmas wedding once and they had the twelve days of christmas on each table e.g table 1 was a partridge in a pear tree. My partner is rugby mad so our tables will either be H2B's dream team or named after famous rugby clubs.

    I like the butterfly names idea. Pink...mmm tricky one. I'd be interested to know what you decide. x
  • I like the idea of different names for pink as CrazyClaire suggested x
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    i love the latin names
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