martini glasses

Hi everyone,

Im looking at having the tall martini glasses as my centrepieces.

Ive seen some on the wedding mall website which work out to be about £190 for 10 (size-50cm). Do you think this is a good price, or can anyone recomend getting them from somewhere cheaper?

Also, I want to put flowers in the them, does anyone know if the stem of the glass or at least the top of the stem is hollow to squeeze the stems of the flowers down so they sit right and wont fall out?

My florist said she can use foam to stick the flowers in which will then sit ino the glass, but i think the foam will look awfull and would rather not use it but not sure how else the flowers will stay in place, any idea's welcome.


Bev x


  • bev2656bev2656 Posts: 254
    anyone having martini glasses?
  • I'm not having them but have seen them in a shop called 'The Range' for about £7.99 each - big and solid glass. They looked great but I couldnt resist getting £1.00 crystal vases for mine!
  • try try martini glasses or cocktail glasses, even if you used foam, you could line the inside with beads or sliced limes, or a large leaf?
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