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Help - Candy Bar Question please!??!?

Hi everyone,

Im doing a candy bar for my wedding reception and i've started getting all the bits and pieces like the jars from ikea etc and a few vase bowl things however I am totally USELESS when it comes to weights etc in terms of sweets.

I am currently looking on ebay to buy all my sweets and i've found lots of good deals however I need advice regarding the weighting. For those of you who have already done a candy bar or are in the process of planning one, how many grams do I need per vase/jar? is 200g enough or should I get 300g, as I want the jars to be quite full and not half empty!!!

I would greatly appreciate your help! thank you in advance




  • Hi I'm doing the same at my wedding and also been looking on ebay, I have been looking at chocolate dragrees at the moment (about 1cm big) and 1kg of them is approx 900/1000 sweets, hope this helps you a little.

  • LCW1974LCW1974 Posts: 107
    I'd say you need around 1kg per jar as 200g is around the weight of a bag of sweets.

  • I found Makro to be one of the cheapest for picking up the tubs of sweets like fizzy strawberries etc and love hearts and i'd imagine it will cost a couple of pounds to costs wise to fill each vase - depending on the size of your vase of course sorry, realised that wasn't much help x
  • MrsKP_MrsKP_ Posts: 2,035
    I think I'm going to be getting 1-2kg of each type of sweet but I haven't verified whether these will fit the glasses!
  • sjm224sjm224 Posts: 644
    depends on the weight of the sweets. You'd get more flying saucers than white mic if you are doing it weight wise!

  • nikyb1nikyb1 Posts: 639
    Im so excited about my candy bar as my cousin works for haribo its going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1kg would fill a standard jar

    good luck

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