Please please help me find this image of a centrepiece idea!

I have been hunting for this since july and have posted once before but am trying again as i have spent hours on google images and all sorts of sites trying to find the picture.

A few months ago there was a supplement with a wedding magazine not sure which mag but it had a picture of a 2 or 3 tiered cupcake stand in it which was decorated flowers - it had a description of how to recreate it with oasis in the cupcake cases and flowers in it and also draped with pearls i think.

I cannot find this picture ANYWHERE - i know i didn't imagine it !!!! It was july when i saw it so it would be in the mags out about that time. if anyone has it please let me know what mag or supplement it was so i can back order it I'm desperate now!!!

Please please please please please please!!!

*gets down on her knees and begs* ............ yes thats how desperate i am!!!



  • p.s - i will even send a bar of choc to the lady that finds it!!!

  • checking my mags for you now hon......
  • ha ha ha glou, iam looking through all my bride mags to see if i can find it.i keep everything bridal,yes sad i know.........;-)
  • I have searched through all my mags and to no avail i am such an idiot for loosing the pic!!! I took the mag to sweden on my flight and then must have left the bit of the mag there! I deserve a big dunce hat and to be put in the corner of the room!

    Thank you for looking ladies it means lots to me!!!

  • can you describe it too me again please,what were the colours on the cake??i dont know if i have found the right one............
  • i have one in a yayw supplement. its only a small picture on bottom of right page. its got a two tier cupcake stand with cupcakes and pink peonies and hydrangeas and draped with pearls. around the cake stand are vintage china with flowers in????/
  • its a cupcake stand/serving stand like this one

    naff pic but only one i can find quick! and instead of cakes in the cake cases it was flowers held together by florists oasis. Sorry am not great at explaining things!!!

  • miss_july that might possibly be it!! Fancy a yayw mag coming up trumps!!! lol i normally find those ones have the most ads in!!!

    I think it had an explanation of how to do it? Can you tell me what month or edition it was and i can try and get a copy by back order if thats the one!

    it defo had an explanation!

  • double post

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  • not the one i was looking at.i really want to find it sounds lovely
  • ooops double post sorry!
  • It was it was i promise its def worth finding!!!

    I'm sooo desperate to recreate it for my tables but typically have lost it! if it narrows it down i'm pretty sure it was a supplement and it would be a mag that was out in the shops in July so maybe an aug sept issue as they always come out early. it deffo has an explanation of how to do it i remember it mentioning what size to cut the oasis. I have kicked self so many times for losing it!!!
  • That is soooooop similar!!!!! Thanks miss_july i'll keep keep this post somewhere safe incase i don't ever find it!! Thats not the one but its very close! I'm sure it looked like a porcelian tiered thing (excuse spelling)

  • not even sure how old this supplement is because i found it under the bed last night. i've chucked all my other ones away.

    good luck xx
  • thanks chick! think i'm going to check under the bed tonight for good measure and ask my friend in sweden to do the same too!
  • i have checked all my mags cant find it,ive also had a look on here just to see if i could find it.i hope you manage to get it.what bridal mags do you buy??
  • mrslharvey2b .... i'm ashamed to say i buy them all! Thanks for looking anyway hun nevermind i'm sure i'll get there one day at least i have a similar looking one now!
  • thats it i think i spend about £30 every month on them,thank god h2b doesnt know,ha ha you have that one you can kind of work round it add the bits that you dont want etc.the joys of weddings eh,nothing but stress,but we love it!!!!
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